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  1. Manual Trans Remote Start question

    It's not so silly when you live in an area where temps can remain below freezing for weeks and even months at a time. ;-) I do hear what you are saying though. Does anyone know if there are any e-brake upgrade options for our JL's?
  2. Manual Trans Remote Start question

    lololololol Ok, I do get that. However, my point is if they have designed a system smart enough for the car to know which gear I'm in, then it should be able to tell the remote start system whether or not it's in neutral. I'm sure I'm over-simplifying this, but there is probably a technical...
  3. Manual Trans Remote Start question

    I do apologize if this has already been covered and for my lack of technical knowledge, but I'm a bit confused. I thought the whole reason remote start doesn't work in a manual is because the system can't tell if the vehicle is in neutral or not. However, I noticed that when my jeep is running...
  4. Manual trans auto start

    Maybe this has already been covered, but I gotta ask. It took me almost a year of driving my JLU before I realized that the gear I was in shows up in my instrument cluster. Having said that, if my jeep already knows what gear I'm in, then why is remote start such a pain to safely install? Please...
  5. What do to tailgate when upgrading to 35s?

    I installed my RC hinge reinforcement several months ago and the door closes a little rough. I removed the tire and re-aligned the hinges (or so I thought). Without the tire the door closed perfect. After hanging the tire again, it's closing hard. Any tricks for how to align this? Also, I'm...
  6. DIY: Sound Deadening/ Weather Stripping JL, JLU and Gladiator Front Doors

    Can you post a link in this thread to the weatherstripping you used?😁
  7. Budget build advice

    In regards to #2, the stock rim is 7.5. I don't want to purchase new rims, but are you saying that in order to fit 35in (or the 315/70/17) tires, I need a wider rim? If I did get different rims, that would throw this whole thing off correct? In regards to #3,
  8. Budget build advice

    Wow; this is a lot to think about! First, I want to thank everyone for taking the time to give me feedback. I can see that this is really about how far I want to take this. I do have a few more questions, but I'll try to address them with the respective members. :-) Pablo
  9. AFE SCORCHER GT Performance Package Air Intake

    I'm also having the sputtering issue, although it only seems to happen during the first 3 or 4 take-offs from a stop; so long as I don't turn the engine off I'm good. I did add the rock basher exhaust and while it is louder in the cabin, the power gain is notable. Having a manual, I can honestly...
  10. Budget build advice

    Ok, I have a 2020 JLU Willy's which is my daily driver and I don't plan on much off-roading (if I do it won't be anything too crazy). I've seen several posts/comments about the rough country spacer lift kit being a decent budget option if you supplement it with the rubicon shocks and springs...
  11. AFE SCORCHER GT Performance Package Air Intake

    I've ordered this for my JLU as well as the rock basher exhaust. The CAI is on backorder but the exhaust should be coming soon. It will be interesting to see how different the performance/sound is with both mods installed.