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  1. We Did It! Our own House! lets not burn it down lol

    If it were just offered as a 2 door, well, they wouldn't even be making them anymore. Wouldn't have the sales, or at least they wouldn't have had the investment to make it what it is now.
  2. What's the best thing you ordered on your Wrangler

    My favorite option that I had rolling off the lot is the 8.4. However, since it rolled off the lot, I've added factory LED all around, tow package, proximity, and a premium softop. And I love them all.
  3. Help Jeep pick a new color

    A Golden Eagle JL would be a home run. I wouldn't make it available on a JLU.
  4. soft top or convertible roof

    The one-touch is pretty sweet and it is "superior" to a regular old soft top, but the cool factor of the soft top is unmatched. I have dual tops. I'd get a compliment every once in a while with the hard top on. However, with the soft-top down, even with doors on, I have people complimenting...
  5. Spent some time on the Bronco forums

    The hubris on this board and by Jeep owners is remarkable.
  6. Nice little cheap add.

    I skeptically ordered it, but ended up a big fan.
  7. There is no perfect engine

    People sure do find some stupid stuff to complain about.
  8. There is no perfect engine

    I've driven both and much prefer the 3.6 etorque. So there's that.
  9. Backup camera blurry spots

    Couple quick licks and you'll be fine.
  10. Rear spoiler on the back of hardtop?

    Off-roading looking like the A-Team.
  11. Dual Top group — what is your experience??

    I bought with a hardtop only, then about 18 mos in I picked up a premium soft top new in box for a pretty good deal. It took about an hour to install. Was surprisingly easy. I'm a bit opposite in that the hardtop will be on during the hot and humid summer. The soft top will be on the rest...
  12. Ideas for driving newly delivered JL home (MN) from TN?
  13. Unmarry Tazer Lite

    I've read that you need to unmarry before updating the firmware. This seems to be confirmation.
  14. Hardtop Cart / Holder DIY

    Finally got my hardtop off and the diy cart in use! Good to have while I'm getting my power hoist installed.
  15. South Carolina Sold: Sunrider for Hardtop - Black Twill

    15 month old Sunrider for hardtop. Perfect condition. Local pickup only. Mt. Pleasant, SC. $700 obo. Will help you install if you come with your Jeep. Will post more photos tomorrow.
  16. 2022 Jeep JL Willys Extreme Recon Announced for $40,930; Orders Open in October

    Don't forget these: We've got one with factory 35s with ugly butt fenders! We've got a pink one! We've got a red one! I personally can't wait for the Fuschia one. In all seriousness, some have hit the mark. My target analogy is more an observation of all these ridiculous iterations...
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Been a fun week: Sunday-Installed a softtop, replacing my hard top. Got a tropical-storm worthy rain in on Monday and it stayed dry as a bone. Monday - Spidershade. Can't wait to see the sun again. Tuesday - Installed a Tuffy security insert. Holy crap what a pita for a dude with big...
  18. Foolish salesperson

    You should try the longer one. Only problem is that sometimes it scrapes the bottom.