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  1. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    My Fiancée joined the club yesterday
  2. Florida Sold: JLU Frame Mounted ROAM Steps

    Changing my ROAM steps out for more proper sliders, I wheeled these hard and the bottoms are scraped, and there is a slight dent from Uwharrie, but they are still black, with no rust like others have had issues with. I had the inserts powdercoated red. I have all the hardware etc, including...
  3. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I just discovered bubbles on one of my hood hinges today, I'll be going to the dealer for this to be covered under warranty.
  4. Sun Visor Broken

    Just noticed mine were broken this morning. I cant ever remember turning them to the side, only flippling down to undo the top, but i turned them this morning and they were both dangling. 2019 with 19k miles. I'll be taking it to the dealer, unfortunately i will also have another warranty...
  5. Oil leak

    No answer to the plug question, but I should certainly be concerned because 8 miles later the Jeep is smoking horribly and has limited to no acceleration. AAA is coming to take it back to the dealership and I’m pretty furious. They had it for 17 days on the rear main seal replacement
  6. Oil leak

    Got it back, I got some crap about my after market skid plates but not too bad. Should I be concerned about the missing plugs?
  7. Oil leak

    The dealership service advisor told me they have had to put in “3 seals” and it’s still leaking. They believe their seals were all defective…not sure that’s believable but at this point o just want my Jeep back
  8. Florida Roll Call!

    I'll be there. Last year was my first and It was alot of fun.
  9. Oil leak

    I dropped it off at the dealer this morning, despite a future appointment of next Tuesday, figured I'd let it drip in their lot vs. my driveway haha. Also, its their if they have any downtime between the other appointments. I removed/unmarried my tazer, and removed the skidplate I added...
  10. Oil leak

    Yup, 3.6 with the manual
  11. Oil leak

    I noticed an oil leak under the Jeep today, and I’m going to take it in since it’s under warranty. How much effort do I need to put in making it look like o haven’t been wheeling it? I’ll pull all the grass off obviously, but what else?
  12. Baja Designs LP6 - do you use the low setting or just run on high?

    I think this sounds pretty slick, I’m just thinking of scenarios to ensure this would behave how I would want. I’m in FL so I have to guess, I haven’t gotten my Jeep out west yet where this question really matters
  13. Rusty's Offroad Rocker Armor with Kick Tube

    I am contemplating the angled rocker protection. Waiting for a sale of some sort before I pull the trigger.
  14. New trails added!

    I see the 'new' trails are back on the app. Gulches in SC etc....
  15. Rusty's vs Metalcloak sliders

    Any update on this? A link to the YT would be sweet :rock:
  16. Rusty's vs Metalcloak sliders

    I wish there were more than 3 votes here from people familiar with the rails
  17. Florida Freedom Top storage bag

    Its available, let me get a shipping quote. I will lower the price to make it more palatable.
  18. Florida Rock Rails

    Yes, I've still got them