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  1. Looking for a re- gear in Phoenix

    Please do! Tacomas suck to gear but we still do way less than that
  2. DOR - Project Bikini Overland

    Matthew brought his JLU to us from California, with a list of functional upgrades that would add additional storage plus help him get the most from his suspension. We started with a...
  3. Arizona owners - please check in!

    Im worth the drive to Chandler - Doetsch Offroad...come see me! What are you looking for?
  4. A Wrangler Owner/Enthusiast/Builder honest review of the 2021 Bronco -- long.

    They need more seat time. The trans is very much adaptive and learns from your habits. I wasnt immediately a fan, but except for one case of studder shift (when I was driving unlike myself) it is really nice.
  5. Arizona dealers!

    It's a no brainer...every time. Look up and talk to Ruston, I put his email above. He will take care of you if you say who sent you. Hes done a ton of deals for my friends, and FB buddies. Ruston [email protected] Like Quote
  6. A Wrangler Owner/Enthusiast/Builder honest review of the 2021 Bronco -- long.

    I am the OP and definitely never said all Rubi owners were extreme.
  7. A Wrangler Owner/Enthusiast/Builder honest review of the 2021 Bronco -- long.

    It was requested that I bring this thread over here that I posted in the 6g Bronco forum. Theres no cliff-notes for this. Read it or pass. For the last 10 years I have been a Jeep enthusiast. Starting with 2 Grand Cherokees (wk2 platform) Which I heavily modified, at least as far as was...
  8. Throttle enhancers

    I dont let any diesels leave our shop without one. We use iDrive / Ultimate9 It makes an incredible difference.
  9. DOR - Introducing MINT CONDITION!

    Off to Hawaii! Not all Jeeps are destined for the trails and rocks. A vast majority sadly never leave pavement, and thats ok with me if its ok with them. We build em all.
  10. Doetsch Off-Road Chandler AZ. Parts Retailer, Builder and Dealership

    Hey guys. Many people know me by my other names "RubiTron" and more recently "TheCustomJeepBuilder". I do design, consult, build management, marketing and SEMA builds for Doetsch Off-Road in Chandler. We are also a (non typical) Vehicle Dealership. We sell stock jeeps, built jeeps and can...
  11. Looking for a re- gear in Phoenix

    Come see me, your site sponsor! OTD parts/labor/tax/speedo reprogramming $1700 We use the highest quality Yukon Gears
  12. Vinyl wrap in Phoenix/Tucson area

    I got you covered. Stop by and see us, or DM me. We handle tons of wraps.
  13. DOR - Introducing MINT CONDITION!

    Life for this 2021 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport started with a factory gloss black exterior paint color. We then professionally wrapped everything (including a sanded & gloss black color matched factory hard top) in high quality automotive grade mint colored 3M Vinyl with gloss black accents...
  14. CO Ketchup Build

    Heck ya! Thanks for the support, and the post about our steering! Build is lookin incredible
  15. Arizona Recommendations for Audio Shop

    Unique Car Audio at Mcqueen & Elliot. Talk to Sean
  16. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread ...

    Ill have my black textured ones off next week. We also paint match these all the time, if you want to go Granite. They are LED Rubicon fenders of course.
  17. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread ...

    Tons of take offs available. Multiple 2020 Rubicon Suspensions, rock rails. 18" Sahara Wheels (set of 5), JT Rubicon wheels (sets of 4), LED Fogs....even some LED Fenders from time to time. First come first served.