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  1. 2020 JLUR Axle Fluid

    I did read the other thread - Im going Valvoline in the rear but figured if they had a MOPAR brand for the front Id get it. Can someone confirm what I bought is the gear oil for the front. It says "Axle Lubricant".
  2. 2020 JLUR Axle Fluid

    One more question - so I wanted to go with the suggested fluids in the owners manual - for the front it calls for 75W/85. I couldnt find any Valvoline so I purchased what I thought was the MOPAR gear oil for the front. This is what got delivered: Mopar Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram 2 Quarts SAE...
  3. Sahara wheels on a sport / tpms sensors

    You can order OEM TPMS for a reasonable price here:
  4. 2020 JLUR Axle Fluid

    You just answered my question - I dont see Trac-Loc on my build sheet so not sure if I needed the friction modifier. Ill get it for the rear just in case - thanks!
  5. 2020 JLUR Axle Fluid

    Thanks - I looked at the owners guide and the Front M210 is what threw me off. The M220 seemed obvious. Thanks for the info!
  6. 2020 JLUR Axle Fluid

    Can someone tell me what the factory recommended fluid specs are for my Rubicon? Ive attached a picture of the window sticker to identify the Axles Thanks in advance:
  7. Input on Mopar Max Care

    Bigger tires that dont require a lift no. Tow hitch wiring most likely not unless you have an electrical issue and your wiring looks like a birds nest.
  8. Vroom Offer?

    My offer took 3 days from Vroom and surprisingly was way below what others have posted here.
  9. Dealer rip-off

    That sounds like what shouldve been done - just my experience that the above work cant be done in 15 mins - paperwork and all. I dont believe my Jeep even left the parking spot outside of the Service dropoff area!
  10. Dealer rip-off

    The induction service is just them putting a gas additive into your tank. A few years back I had a $35 credit at a dealership and they offered a $90 induction service on my '09 Sahara. When I inquired about it they described something that would require time for the mechanic to go in and check...
  11. Lease 4xe pricing, am i getting jipped?

    Like Doritos, Jeep will make more. Tell the dealer to call you when they have that offer to buy. In the meantime look around. Inventory is tight but unless you are renting a car right now no reason to give away a few grand to a dealer who is playing hardball vs trying to create a customer for...
  12. JL resale values are insane!

    2020 Rubicon JLU w/13K miles. Sticker 60,500, paid $55k. Vroom offered $45k which seems way off from what others have gotten here.
  13. Carvana or Vroom

    Based upon others getting high Vroom quotes I send in the form for my 2020 Rubicon loaded - sticker price $60,500. With 13k miles on it they offered $45k. No thanks - Wranglers dont lose value that fast.
  14. How to identify Sailcloth or Twill Mopar top

    If its Sailcloth it will feel like Vinyl, if its Twill it will feel like fabric/cloth.
  15. Rausch Creek Trail 11 completed, a few thoughts on JLUR 6-speed manual

    Is this the Rausch Creek park in PA? If so I was invited by a buddy to go there in December with my 2009 Sahara Unlimited auto thats stock except for the 33" 55k on them Toyo tires. All the trails were wet/muddy. There was freezing rain the night before so all the branches were icicles. I...
  16. Jeep Roll Fallacy

    The Suzuki story was a joke - they attached something like a 20 ft pole to each side which changed its center of gravity big time. There never were any stories of Suzuki's flipping, it was CR's attempt to find something to go after and these type vehicles are not popular in their halls.
  17. Jeep Roll Fallacy

    She was driving at night on a highway with no other cars - was returning to Penn State so if you know the area its not high traffic - esp at night and around 1980. From what came out the Jeep wobbled and then flipped on its side. The road was straight.
  18. Jeep Roll Fallacy

    My sister owned a 1980 CJ-7 that flipped while she was driving it on the highway. Fortunately the roll bar pretty much saved everyones life inside.
  19. Jeep Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty Coverage?

    Only a dealer can tell you but as long as you didnt modify any of the wiring on the foglight moving it to the new bumper I cant see why they wouldnt warranty it