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  1. Giveaway of the Month - April 2020 - Combination Full Width Rear Bumper and SportGate Tire Carrier

    So when we upgrade to 38's we will have a place to put the spare.
  2. Rebel Summit Series Rear Bumper Giveaway

    Thanks for the chance!
  3. Giveaway of the Month - November 2019 - Full Set Front & Rear Diff Covers [M210 & M220]

    Sometimes you just need to send it and these would protect my diffs!
  4. Switch Pods for JLU Sport

    Check out Looks like it may fit what you are looking for.
  5. Giveaway of the Month - October 2019 - Chromoly Dog-Legged Tie Rod, JL Wrangler, Rubicon

    Need an upgraded Tie rod able to withstand the abuse and to match the other gold items underneath the rig!
  6. Two wrangler family?

    I have a Rubi and the wife has a sport, I had to do it again personally I probably should have gone with sport for myself as I am looking into a dynatrac axle swap but I can at least hand them down to the wife and then she will have upgraded axles and lockers in hers.
  7. New York, Tri-State Folks - Interested in a day or two in eastern PA?

    We go there about once a month and we love it, it is a bit of a drive for us but we also have family in the area so we visit them as well. We just had a group down last weekend. If you have never been there you might want to plan a weekend trip and visit AOAA (another offroad park not far) and...
  8. CavFab Steering

    Awesome! I did reach out to CavFab previously and they mentioned they dont run a stabilizer on their JL either as they didnt need to, I plan on pulling the trigger after I return from our groups wheeling trip this weekend. Thanks for sharing the info and the after install pics.
  9. CavFab Steering

    Great thanks for the info, please report back after the install and update us on how it feels. I will probably pull the trigger at that time.
  10. Monthly Giveaway!

    Thanks for the chance!
  11. CavFab Steering

    Following as I have been interested in this setup as well. Curious how it feels afterwards. How long did it take after order just so I have an idea? I know they state a 2 to 3 week lead just curious if that is accurate or if it was longer.
  12. Skid plates: MetalCloak Steel vs. Quadratec Aluminum

    I am a huge fan of MetalCloak products but I opted to go with the Quadratec Aluminum skids only because I didnt want the full belly protection and a little less weight and modular design. I just put the Engine/Transmission skid on this past weekend and plan on testing it at Rausch Creek coming...
  13. 37’s steering wear / issues

    I dont think you were specifically asking me but I can answer what I run, I normally run about 8 to 12 but have gone as low as 6 when needed in snow, I am a crawler not a rock bouncer and this is a daily driver so I tend to stay away from the buggy trails just because I need it to get me home...
  14. 37’s steering wear / issues

    So far running stock steering components with beadlock 37's here and havent had any issues so far but I will be upgrading the tie-rod / drag link components as a precautionary very soon. No plans for ram assist but that could change eventually
  15. 37's and MPG

    High 17's / low 18's around town driving. High 18's / low 19's highway 4.10 gears 3.6l
  16. Swayloc or Antirock?

    I would not recommend the Rubicon disconnect even if it can be done, I have it and I am actually considering either an antirock or a manual disconnect because I already have issues with the thing disconnecting properly or I have to get out to push the vehicle side to side to get it to disconnect...
  17. Working on something for the JL and JT

    Orange coil over kit with orange / black Kings... There goes the family vacation.....
  18. Giveaway of the Month - July 2019 - [***10 Winners***] Full Set DuroSpring Upper Bump Stops

    To help my wifes rig when crawling and sliding off edges.