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  1. Reminder: 5 quarts of oil to avoid oil overfill

    With 6 qts of oil, does the oil pressure gauge show higher (or lower?) pressure?
  2. What to connect to the last factory auxiliary switch?

    I wonder if you can wire the last one up to turn on / off all the lights together.
  3. Auto moist sensor Aka auto wipers

    Your dealer is right (words I do not utter often).
  4. When did you do your first oil change.....?

    Huh? It's more time efficient to remove the drain plug first and while the oil is draining, remove and replace the filter. I don't see how removing the filter before the drain plug would make any difference, other than spending more time than necessary.
  5. Spontaneous shutdown

    Sorry to hear this. I don't really have anything constructive to add but this sounds like 4XE's equivalent of a kernal panic or BSOD. It's concerning that it's still happening after all the RRTs.
  6. Yet another rattle

    Quick follow-up on this issue. I think I've fixed it with one of the following. * Zip tied coolant reservoir to its bracket. I read this in another thread on rattling noise. While mine does not appear to be excessively loose, I figured might as well try it. * Padded the plastic arm that holds...
  7. JLUR XR Overall Height

    The lip is at 24.5" for the front, ~25" for the rear. Just to make sure - this is the part where the door sill gets applied to, or basically the bottom edge of the door.
  8. Mopar Roof Rack Install - It seemed so simple until ....

    That's great to know as I'm considering these. May I ask how much height do they add? Or the distance from the top of the bars to the top of your hard top roof? TIA.
  9. Best Mods Under $100

    I'm so torn between Gibson Leather Works' fob holster and Threedom's mini fobs! Maybe we can get them to collab for a Gibson X Threedom holster for mini fobs? :CWL:
  10. Differential oil change

    I was all set to go with @Rhinebeck01's recommendation of 2 qts of Royal Purple 75W140 and 1 qt of 75W90 until I saw the following in the 2021 manual. Mine is a '21 JLUR XR, which has the M220 rear. So 75W90 (85) all around in my case?
  11. Post your progress on Extreme Recon package here

    It's either already at the dealer, or you are extremely close. My experience with JC was that they were still giving me an ETA range when in fact the vehicle was already delivered. They did not get me the delivered status until 3 days later. I was able to pull up my VIN on carguru and dealer's...
  12. Did we know that eTorque V6 improves MPG rating on the sticker?

    FWIW, the Fuel Economy info on the sticker is identical between XR and non-XR 3.6L eTorque (both 2021 MY). After about 1k miles on my XR, 3/4 of which on highways, I'm at 17.6 mpg. 🤷‍♂️ Kinda disappointing.
  13. JLUR XR Overall Height

    My JLUR XR with hard top is exactly 75" at the highest point. Add an inch or two for soft top.
  14. Rotopax "interlocking" containers

    They interlock so only one lox mount is needed to secure both. They also provide a bit more stability since interlocking prevents twisting. You can mount them one on top of another (not interlocked) so you can take them off one at a time. I'm not sure off the top of my head if a lox mount can...
  15. Post your progress on Extreme Recon package here

    Ok, I guess it's a feature, not a bug then. Maybe something to do with the "3rd gen heavy duty Dana® 44 front axle" in our XR package.
  16. where is the front diff drain bolt?

    Thanks for the pointers! I will try this when the time comes.
  17. where is the front diff drain bolt?

    Oh yes, very true. Guess I won't need to worry about it for a while.
  18. where is the front diff drain bolt?

    Nope. Another XR owner who recently took delivery is also seeing the same situation. I wonder if they are using a different part. Gonna be a PIA to change diff fluid.
  19. Post your progress on Extreme Recon package here

    Hmm interesting. I wonder if they used a different part. I'm gonna lightly scrape off the paint material and see if it's just being covered. Otherwise it'd be a pain in the a** to change diff fluid.