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  1. Pennsylvania JCR skids

    I’m asking $750. Sorry I didn’t realize it wasn’t in the post.
  2. Pennsylvania JCR skids

    It is not. My thought was that it was an very easy fix when scratched up with spray paint. I ordered them bare. Sanded down then primer. 3 coats of black. Then the orange. Orange is only on the visible parts. Everything else left black
  3. Sadly the Jeep is gone

    I was trying to do local pickup or meet. It’s very hard for me to get to the post office or anywhere to check shipping.. unless there is another way I’m not aware of
  4. Sadly the Jeep is gone

    $50 for the mirrors. Where you located?
  5. Sadly the Jeep is gone

    Unfortunately I needed to trade the JL in for something more practical with a family. I know this is not the marketplace section, but I figured it’s worth a shot to try it in this section. I have a few things I’m selling that I’m only interested in local/ near by pickup in northeastern PA. I...
  6. Pennsylvania Sold: JCR skids

    Brand new never installed JCR skids. Has engine, trans/t-case, and gas tank. Had it painted and ready to install but traded Jeep. Is for a JL 2 door. Pickup/ local meet only please. Asking $700
  7. Rear main seal

    How did you come up with this conclusion? Has it happened to you? Same problem with your JL?
  8. Rear main seal

    Hey all. I have a 19’ JL sport with the 3.6 and 6 speed. Has any of you or know of anyone had problems with the rear main seal going bad? Mine is back at the dealership for its second one. I have just under 16k on it. First time it went bad I was around 5k when I noticed it leaking.
  9. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Sgme9 what is that on your winch?
  10. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    I had the pleasure of taking mine back to the dealership. This will be the second rear main seal. It’s a 19’ with just shy of 16k on it. Not really happy with my JL so far
  11. Rausch Creek 101 on August 29th

    Nothing is needed.
  12. Rausch Creek 101 on August 29th

    I’ve done the 101, 201 and a 301 with them. Well worth the $$ if you ask me.
  13. Rausch Creek 06/28

    Noted! LOL
  14. Mtx275 install

    I didn’t think about taking pictures until after I was all done and put everything away! I’m running a midland mtx275, 6db antenna , and a Topsy products NMO antenna mount. For right now I just have the box mounted to the top of the roll bar with Velcro until I get my molle platform solutions...
  15. Anyone Running Pizza Cutters?

    255/80/17 mastercraft cxt’s. I can get some more pictures if you would like
  16. Fender Flare Extender Removal

    Save yourself the time, you do not need to remove them. Just trim with knife. Easy pressure and a few passes. Goes very very easy.
  17. Fender Flare Extender Removal

    Take a razor knife and score it a few times. It takes all of 10 minutes to remove both sides and you do not lose any protection for your fog lights. No need to remove any bolts.Doesn’t get much easier of a free mod
  18. Rausch Creek 101 Class 4/4/2020

    You will love it! I did the 101,201,and 301.
  19. Ham/GMRS Antenna Mount - Available

    I have the CB antenna mount, now I want this mount,but I don’t want to give up the CB! What to do.. what to do...
  20. CB Radio Locations and Installs -- Post your Pictures

    Awesome write up. I guess I need to swap out my little cobra for my 880 now