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  1. Front bumpers that accept OEM LED fog lights without modification?

    I went with the RR Venator and it fit my JLUR fog lights (from plastic bumper). They also had a bracket for the sport ones, but noted in instructions that the JLUR steel bumper fogs would need trimming and drilling.
  2. Maryland WTB Rubi OEM Front bumper

    I just ordered a new bumper and winch so I'm getting itchy to get back on the trail. Not easy to get out with a group all the time so the winch will be my security blanket. The trails I hit rarely need a winch for climbing, but the mud can get a bit touch and go.
  3. Maryland WTB Rubi OEM Front bumper

    Got it, good luck.
  4. Maryland WTB Rubi OEM Front bumper

    Are you looking for a steel bumper? I have a OEM JLUR bumper (plastic) coming off in the next week or so.
  5. DC - Maryland - Virginia

    Heads up, I attempted to head out to GWNF last weekend and Taskers Gap and Peters Mill Run are closed. It's going to be a long spring...
  6. Maryland JLUR OEM Steel front bumper

    PMed you.
  7. AEV JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    Does that rear bumper still have the foldout license plate holder that doubles as a step?
  8. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    I've been waiting for the AEV bumpers for a long time and recently got some facebook advertisement on the new Rugged Ridge bumpers. Anyone looking into them? How are their bumpers?
  9. DIY - Custom Painting Speaker Grills

    It would be cool to match the red dash, but it's probably impossible to find a match.
  10. Borla Exhaust for the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL!

    I head out to the office at 6am every morning and it's a quiet purr through the neighborhood. I'm usually under 2k RPM at 25 MPH in 3/4 gear once i get moving. Like most other exhaust, you'll get use to the sound levels associated with your driving.
  11. Borla Exhaust for the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL!

    Hey folks, I had the benefit of having the S-Type on for about a month and just installed the ATAK a few days ago. I was one of those that could not distinguish the sounds/volume of the 2. After a few days I think I can add some details so you can better understand what to expect from each...
  12. Sold: Gone - Selling used Borla S-Type Exhaust axle back in DC area

    I'm selling my Axle back S-Type Borla exhaust, I had this on for about a month and the paint began to flake inside the tailpipes (black version). I didn't expect Borla to send me a new one, but they did so I have this original one that is now up for sale. Sounds perfect and a bit of high...
  13. Borla Exhaust for the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL!

    I had to lay directly on the ground, the creeper kept moving on me!
  14. Borla Exhaust for the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL!

    I ordered the Atak and at the last minute had them change it to the SType. I installed it today and couldn't be happier, I wanted deep but not super loud. My teenage years are far behind me so this was a great fit. The best part is getting rid of the tin can which for me was an eye sore.
  15. Borla Exhaust for the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL!

    I'm still on the fence with my decision and go back and forth between the ATAK and S Type. I called Borla and they said it was about a 10db difference which isn't much, but described the S Type as deeper. Can you guys share why you went with one or the other? I've watched/heard so many videos...
  16. AEV JL Wrangler Products & Builds [SEMA 2018 - JLWF Coverage]

    I'm loving that front bumper, they should have a shorter version of the bull bar. Really digging the integrated light bar in the bumper. Went to their site and saw a JK variation for 1200ish so i'm assuming this will be in that range.
  17. Tuffy security deck for JL Wrangler

    I mountain bike a few times a week after work and wanted to toss my work bag in there before I hit the trails. I've had to keep the hardtop on for most of the summer, it's off now!
  18. Tuffy security deck for JL Wrangler

    I had order it when it was first released and it was advertised as subwoofer compatible. They contact me and said they were working on a fix and eventually asked me to send the entire thing back. They kept their promise and contacted me as soon as it was ready, pretty sure this is part of...
  19. Tuffy security deck for JL Wrangler

    You’ll be able to tell it’s muffled a tad, but I just bumped up the bass 1 notch on the EQ and it’s back to what it was.