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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    We use one at work all the time... no issues. Nice product ..
  2. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Me too.... will be an expensive few days off.... My daughter is getting married Saturday. (Marrying a great guy though..) The old credit card will be getting a workout...
  3. Showroom 392

    Pretty low, compared to my dealership (ha ha)
  4. Bought a 2021. Pick up next week. How to wash and care for soft top?

    Removed the windows, and applied 303 with a small foam brush... worked very well, and a lot easier than taping off the windows....
  5. P0746 error code with check engine light

    Years ago when I was turning wrenches, this was a popular choice with Chrysler Mini-Vans. The clutch solenoid pack was needed ( mounted to the front of the transmission). Not sure about the Jeep transmission... Should be powertrain coverage 60k... Might be with a call to the dealership if low...
  6. Drastic Improved Steering Feel via Service bulletin is 08-074-20 REV. B

    I was originally told 5-7 business days for parts to arrive. Received an automated phone call the NEXT DAY , that parts are at dealership. Had repairs done a few days later..... very happy with outcome.
  7. AC Leaking Water on Passenger Floor

    Did you have any rust proofing on your new Jeep? The condensate hose can literally get stuck closed with undecoating.... Several possibilities.. this is just one issue I've seen over the years...
  8. What did you screw up or tear up on your Jeep today?

    Better start looking for a vacuum hose connection that was knocked off... or partially disconnected..... not uncommon if your not careful with the cover...
  9. Keeping JL windows clean

    I personally use Rain-X after washing vehicle... most bug guts wash right off next wash.. lasts for a couple months. They also make Rain-X concentrate that you add to the washer fluid (hard to find though)....actually works pretty well . EXCELLENT in winter.... water beads up for quite a while.....
  10. Caution: Broken Body Mount Bolt When Installing Frame Mount Rock Sliders / Rails / Sidesteps

    Just installed my ACE ENGINEERING sliders. 2019 JLUR, no issues... Broke free with 1/2" breaker bar.. did some back and forth loosening. Then came right out with impact. Found that fronts had red loctite,middle had blue loctite, rears had ZERO loctite. Have no clue why , but experienced no...
  11. HELP! Passenger side door handle is leaking?

    Saw that awhile back on an Audi... Had a cable that was mis-positioned from the latch to the handle.(not sure if Jeeps use a cable or linkage?) The water from the glass ran onto the cable and "wicked" down the cable and leaked onto the arm rest.... Probably need to remove door panel to inspect ...
  12. Rock Sliders: This or That....Opinions Wanted

    Ouch !! Just installed my ACE rails today. Broke the bolts free first, turned back and forth a few turns. Came right out with no issues. (Red locktite on front bolts, blue on center bolts, none on rear bolts)... very happy with my purchase.
  13. Can I make the "Media" panel plugs charge-only?

    I use my rear USB port , and run android auto. (Not just a charging port) Eliminates the mess of cables up front
  14. side steps with rock rails?

    ACE was recently purchased. I purchased my sliders first week of June. Just received email today that they are being shipped (3-4 days away) from new facility in Illinois. Looks like approximately 7-8 weeks from ordering to delivery....
  15. Driving home was a bit of a chore. Loose steering

    100 % CORRECT... Tires are overinflated to prevent flat spots while parked for extended periods of time ( of course Wranglers don't sit on the lot very long)... Dealership should set p.s.i. prior to delivery ( majority don't adjust)...
  16. Rust Prevention

    Many threads on this already... But I use Fluid Film with great results..
  17. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    Just had my steering gear replaced with updated software etc... Huge difference, can drive with one hand again...tracks straight again...
  18. Rubicon feels rough/jerky when coming to a stop.

    Agree 100%.... the 4.10 gears and the firm downshifting is what you are experiencing.... takes a little getting used to.