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  1. Y'all not messin around with the off-road trails

    Rower Flats can get pretty well rutted out but, it's nothing your Jeep wouldn't be able to handle with a bit of experience and confidence! As mentioned, it's a little bit more of a drive North but, the Hungry Valley OHV park offers a lot of great engaging obstacles to get your feet wet. It's...
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Looks like the Rugged Ridge HD Rear Bumper
  3. California WTB - Stock JLU Rubicon Spare Tire Carrier (Los Angeles)

    I've had a keen eye for the Teraflex HD Hinges and looks like it got pushed back again to a June release. The hinges alone, with no Alpha tire carrier, will go for $799
  4. Tazer Mini JL - Question about what is lost?

    It is a gateway security module that is mounted to the left knee panel speaker pod Chrysler Security Gateway Module
  5. What head units have you guys upgraded to?

    Since a lot of the info is already consolidated here, here's another great in-depth install of the Stinger. I look forward to what Mark does with the future of his install in the Jeep because he's done nothing short of amazing work Install EDIT: posted at the same exact time as Red above haha
  6. Amplifier mounting in Rear Storage Bin

    Came out super clean, very nicely done! Thanks for the update
  7. What a Deal !

    I'm working on putting together a 3 way active front stage but, this was a great deal too hard to pass up and will get me happily thru the holidays! Thanks for putting it in my radar
  8. Amplifier mounting in Rear Storage Bin

    Sounds like you've got a solid plan, would love to see how it turns out! That sub enclosure came out pretty clean did you do the fab work yourself? I'm impressed you managed to retain most-all of the cargo area in a stealth box and get that much volume. Nicely done! Oh and the fact that it's a...
  9. Amplifier mounting in Rear Storage Bin

    Just food for thought, that bin sits right over the exhaust muffler and gets quite warm. Another user has mentioned his amp shutting off on a longer drive due to overheating with no air circulation inside. As to your request, I don't think there are any drain plugs until you get up towards the...
  10. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    :) There's a handful of us already on the forums who've made the jump!
  11. 8.4" Infotainment or Stinger 10" head unit upgrade?

    +1 for the Stinger HEIGH10. Just from what I've personally dealt with (7") and read here on the forums, the uConnect has never been perfect for anyone, just.... alright. With the handful of issues that never get fixed or dealers just throwing their hands up in the air, that made the decision...
  12. Anyone want to sell OEM sub, amp and speakers?

    You may want to bias towards someone local because I bought the 3 non-Alpine pieces (2 trim and the carpet) and shipping was double the cost. I was lucky enough to get free shipping but, I don't think another user on here will be as generous!
  13. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    I actually just placed an order for this exact situation, this what I ordered: Quarter Inner Lower Panel, Right - MOPAR (6LU84TX7AF) Cargo Trim Bezel, Right - Mopar (6BM34TX7AB) Wheelhouse Carpet, Right - Mopar (6SQ60TX7AA)
  14. What head units have you guys upgraded to?

    @sandygar4 did you have any issues tucking the toslink cable behind the unit? It was a hell of an endeavor tucking the wires back in there and I'd be worried about breaking a fiber line
  15. Midland MicroMobile 15w GMRS Install

    Antennas are also tuned to have the best transmit in the given frequency band for their intended purpose. CB is around 27 MHz whereas a GMRS antenna is tuned for 462 MHz
  16. What head units have you guys upgraded to?

    You're obviously going to have less of a gain in real estate but, like you said, the big selling point is pre-amp outputs and the option for 2 HD quality cameras and up to 3 SD quality (4 total given the units limitations) while keeping the ability to see and change all of the factory...
  17. What head units have you guys upgraded to?

    The default brightness was WAYYYYY too bright for my liking. I'm one to turn gauge clusters and head units down to the lowest setting for night driving. Luckily this unit not only adjusts with our dimmer switch, it has it's own brightness setting. I dropped that down to... 3/10 I think and it's...
  18. What head units have you guys upgraded to?

    Like you, I'm interested in finding out experience before spending the $150 on the additional navigation. I've had great success with Google Maps on Android Auto, but it's all been within cell range. My understanding for added benefit is having functional navigation when outside of cell...
  19. Mopar front trail camera

    I've been following a few threads about this topic and from what I recall, the '21 has: additional run of wiring harness, pump/res/hose for washer, data cable, camera, and mount that just doesn't exist on the '18-'20s. You can purchase and install everything except for the wiring harness (unless...