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  1. Creaking Doors...anyone?

    Do the make the foam with an injection nozzle that you could get behind the intrusion bar? Is the foam expanding? Do you think there is a chance it could cause the outer skin to distort as the material cures? Very interested in any fix that doesn’t involve a dealer painting my vehicle, but...
  2. Creaking Doors...anyone?

    My 18 took six months. My 20 took less than three.
  3. California Method Race Wheels 105 Beadlocks - Matte Black - 17x9, 5x5

    Interested but I live in Oklahoma. Would need them shipped.
  4. California 2020 JT Gladiator rock rails - $100

    Willing to ship at all?
  5. Creaking Doors...anyone?

    There are two problems with your statement.... Aerospace and automotive companies constantly use glue to bond both metallic and non-metallic structures. You are doing nothing more than making an assumption about the design intent. I’m not the one who brought up structural rigidity. My issue...
  6. Creaking Doors...anyone?

    Much like your house would be less resistant to outside forces if you took the plywood sheeting off the studs, removing the skin from a shaped channel (such as an intrusion beam) significantly reduces its ability to resist bending. As well, you are referring to its current state, not it’s...
  7. Regearing for 37s?

    I got a ridiculously good deal on that set of tires, like $200/tire before tax. A guy ordered them at my local shop and then backed out of the deal. That’s why I went with them (plus I really believe they are good tires.) I looked at the weights and several other 37s, talked to several of my...
  8. Creaking Doors...anyone?

    My major issue is that it means the intrusion bar can’t perform as it was original designed.
  9. Creaking Doors...anyone?

    My ‘20 came back from the shop today and they are saying that the door needs to be replaced because the intrusion bar is separated (just like my ‘18). Pretty sure there is no way I’m just so unlucky that I randomly got two vehicles that this happened on. I am very against having my door replaced...
  10. Creaking Doors...anyone?

    Now my ‘20 is creaking/popping on the drivers side. That is two JLs that I have owned that the doors are coming apart on. these doors are door design/mfg method please.
  11. Worst windshields in history?!?

    I was told all those ballpoint chips are just wear and tear and normal “pitting” in the first layer of glass. People like safe lite won’t do anything with them. They say they won’t ever propagate. I had a ‘15 Tacoma before my 18 and 20 JLUR, and it didn’t have any of that stuff.
  12. Worst windshields in history?!?

    I’m sure the angle and curvature of the window have more to do with it than anything. Tires with big grooves designed to shed rocks and mud and time off-road doesn’t help. Just think it’s a weakness that could pretty easily be addressed. It would be a lot more useful than some of the other...
  13. Worst windshields in history?!?

    You strike me as the type of person that has multiple shirts with curse words printed on them....
  14. Worst windshields in history?!?

    My 2020 is my second JL rubicon. Both have had chips cracks within the first weeks/months of ownership. My daily drive is 18 miles of highway. My 2020 has multiple tiny chips all over the windshield. I noticed a similar issue on my 18. Today I hear the faintest tick (roads were sanded due to ice...
  15. Runners, what do you do with your key fob?

    Along this same line, I welded a plate over the end of a Piece of receiver tubing. Then just used a locking pin to secure it. Home made hitch safe. You can then pick the “security level” of your lock. Thinking if I just added an emblem to it, it would look like any standard hitch cover. Which...
  16. Runners, what do you do with your key fob?

    There was a video linked on another thread. A guy picks the hitchsafe lock in like a minute. It was an interesting video.
  17. Runners, what do you do with your key fob?

    I wonder if hitchsafe has a video of someone breaking into the hitchsafe. I’d be interested to know how easily you can get into it. Many home lockbox type safes are easily circumvented. I’d be hesitant to leave the keys to my ride until I saw how tamper resistant it is.
  18. Giveaway of the Month - November 2019 - Full Set Front & Rear Diff Covers [M210 & M220]

    I’ve never won a giveaway in my entire life. This would be an awesome place to start.
  19. Creaking Doors...anyone?

    Sorry to disappoint you.