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  1. Rubicon vs raptor

    Just looked at a raptor today and it is pretty cool. Like the 34 inch beadlock wheels. I’m never going to rock climb in it. But I do want to keep it for 5-10 years. Jeep may age better since it is so iconic. Raptor is huge particularly the 86 inch width that gives me pause living in an urban...
  2. Rubicon vs raptor

    Considering a JL pick up in 2109 or should I jump at a ford raptor instead. How do you think they would compare off-roading? Raptor has bigger engine but nav system looks dated. Apple CarPlay is a must and not sure if raptor has it. Resale value? Thoughts?
  3. Update: Power Soft Top (Sky One-Touch) Ordering / Production Pushed

    At this point might as well wait for 2019 model.
  4. Update: Power Soft Top (Sky One-Touch) Ordering / Production Pushed

    I know no one knows the real timeline yet. But if orders start in may and build in mid July we are talking about a sept delivery. At that point I think I need to wait for a 2019 which won’t be far behind. Or if it really is that delayed they should deliver it as a 2019. Why order a 2018 if two...
  5. Update: Power Soft Top (Sky One-Touch) Ordering / Production Pushed

    I just saw the powertop today at the New York auto show. Really liked it. Can’t wait to order.
  6. Sky One-Touch Power-Top order date bracket

    Waiting for this and then I can finally order.
  7. How to get a fully modded JL in northeast?

    so I’ve seen these amazing fully modded wranglers. Do folks buy a base themselves and then mod them or do local aftermarket companies mod them out and then sell them. If so who are these firms in the nyc area? Does adding a lift void the warranty? Any general advise on getting a tricked out JL?
  8. When will 2019 models be available?

    waiting to order until the power roof is available although at that point I wonder if I’m better off waiting for a 2019 model. Normally when should you be able to order a 2019 model and when would the first deliveries be? Oct?
  9. Resale value of manual rubicon?

    thinking about ordering a rubicon now that sting gray is available and want to get a manual. I notice that pretty much all the wranglers that the dealers get vs customer configured are automatic. In fact I have never seen a new manual on a dealers lot. So I assume that means the demand is very...
  10. Soft or hard top?

    How about the power top. Best of both worlds. And it comes with a glass back window with wiper.
  11. Invoice price? And service at non-purchased dealer.

    Sorry, for the basic question. How can you confirm what invoice price is so the dealer can't just make up a number? Is there a site that allows you to configure a JL and gives you invoice vs sticker price? Also, if no one locally will give me price under sticker price (live in NYC metro...
  12. Sting Gray - Black Leather or Tan Leather

    I’m going to order a sting gray black interior for same reason. I think it will hold up better than tan over the years. I have a Yukon Denali with a tan interior and it looks worn. Not a big deal if you own the car for 2-3 years but now it is 7 years old and doesn’t look great.
  13. Dual top?

    Watched on jk video and it does take some time. In the video it said you can’t take the Jeep through a car wash with a soft top on. Is this true? An you do a car wash with the power top?
  14. Dual top?

    i was set on the power top for convienience but wonder how it would be in the winter. Now considering a dual top since maybe that would be the best of both worlds and the soft top leaves more of the Jeep open in the summer vs power top. So question, how easy is it to switch from the hard top to...
  15. Sky One-Touch Power Top Priced at $3,995

    Just went into the jeep site and I don’t see this option available yet? Can you place an order yet with the power top? Waiting for this option along with the sting grey to place my order.
  16. Is the power soft top worth waiting for?

    Any idea when the power top will be available for order? I’m waiting until I can order a sting grey with the power top. I need to park it outside so although the dual top may be in theory better i just don’t see my self taking them off as much vs with the power top flip a button and you are...
  17. What other vehicles are you cross shopping? $5-6k increase causing second thoughts on JLU

    Is Range Rover still on track to introduce a new defender in 2019? This might not be that much more expensive than a fully loaded rubicon. I would love to get more details on this before pulling the trigger on the rubi.
  18. Confirmed JL Dealership Arrivals

    Can you search JL inventory by dealer on the Jeep site? When I go in it looks like you can only search JK inventory? Thanks
  19. What size tires will you be putting on your JL?

    What is the deal with bead lock rims? Are they just decorative or is there a functional advantage?
  20. JLWF + TFLcar Live Interactive Show Coming Thurs. Dec. 21. Submit your requests/questions!

    Ask them about your new video of the power top leaking when the doors open after a car wash. Also is this a real option for a winter climate or only a warmer one. Thanks