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  1. 2019 3.6L have e-touque?

    Does anyone know if the 2019 3.6L engine will have e-torque and if so will it be a option? No way do I want a 48vdc battery under my Jeep. May have to, find a '17 or '18 Rubi.
  2. Damaged in transport

    You folks have no clue what happens at the assembly plants or at the dealer level. Had this been a stock inventory order, the dealer would fix it, put it on the lot, sell it and if the new buyer had a issue with the paint, that then becomes a warranty issue.
  3. Damaged in transport

    Lots of bad advise here. Being a Service Director for 35 years at the dealership level, this is just a normal ding that happens. The dealership caught it at time of delivery to the dealership. They will fix it, file a transportation claim and they will get paid the cost of the repair, ONLY...
  4. Disappointing Dealer Experience (JLR)

    Buying a car with a trade is a 3 step process. What do you expect for your trade. What to you want to pay for the new car. Subtract the 2. The difference is what you need to pay. Lets say the new car is 40k, trade is 15k. Difference is 25k. Now list price is really 47k and they are...
  5. Sport vs. Rubicon

    A opinion from a old guy. I am getting ready to order my first Jeep. I am 76. In 5 years, going to sell, you advertise a Sport that you added 10K of upgrades to "make it yours". Now in 5 years you advertise a Rubicon with just a few "make it mine" things. Looking at current sales figures...
  6. Knocking noise

    I am in Colorado. 85 here. Have run my RZR, 11 CRV, and my 17 Pilot on 85 at this altitude, 7,700ft, and not a single issue. Yes at lower altitudes, 87 is the norm, but up high, the computer understands there is no o2 here, so 85 works just fine. In a campground with probably 20 jeeps. One...
  7. what price should I shoot for on this?

    I have been following these what off sticker prices, after all the math, getting 5-6% back of invoice it figures about 10-12% off window sticker. A heavy loaded vehicle, like you reference is loaded with 11-13% options. So, take sticker, multiply it by 90% and you got a decent deal. I...
  8. what is this device?

    Ok, I'll bite, what is the module you refer to?
  9. Knocking noise

    Knocking at idle is normal. You got to be kidding?????????
  10. Base Rubi and freight up $500 in a week

    Any one notice base 2dr Rubi went up $450 and freight up $50 last week. This is getting nuts. On 8-9-19 to today, 8-14-19, 2 more price increases. Still going to order a base Rubi with 2 options. A auto and hard top. Was $42,035 and now $42,535 sticker. If you figure all options and only...
  11. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    Colorado, Punch bowl on the way to Marble for lunch. Yesterday road trip.
  12. Key Fob Information and Pics

    I have yet to order my '19 Rubi, but I did order a fob holder from Wilson Leather. Got one with a clip on it for the wife to clip on her purse. First class leather work. There is a thread here on the forum about the fob holder. I consider it the first option I ordered for my first Jeep.
  13. Good Dealer in the RGV, Tx.

    Going to wait it out, contacted all 6 close to us, Johnson, Payne, and Kingswood have replied, but really don't hold out much hope with any of them. Negro Modelo for me........ Jim
  14. Ordered and doubts

    Well what u are doing is what all of us go thru. The last 3 vehicles we have bought were on the lot, so we saw them, drove them, before we bought. 1 silver, 1 gray, 1 white. Since the Jeep is going to be a vehicle that is a fun vehicle for us, we are going Punk'n. Everyone has a silver/gray...
  15. Good Dealer in the RGV, Tx.

    Thanks, while I have never tried to buy from Bert, the phone call I made about serviceing my '12 Ram, well lets say I did not use them for service. Maybe, this fall when I get back from Colorado, we can have a beverage?
  16. JLWF / Iron Cross Automotive Giveaway: Stubby Front Bumper with Bar/LED Cutout

    Going to look great on my new Punk'n Rubi. Thanks
  17. DeMontrond Conroe, TX (6% below invoice)

    The $79.23 is a fee you did not have to pay. My Honda dealer tried this last year. They had the car 5 days on their lot. Just say NO. They have to take it off. Says so right on the sales order. Just a Texas thing.
  18. Good Dealer in the RGV, Tx.

    Thanks, Neil is on my list. He would be a 6 hour drive. Once the '19 ordering is available, going to try the 6 locals, but will do Neil first just to get a baseline out the door price. Thanks Jim
  19. Does color of Jeep affect trade value?

    Thanks to all. I spent 35 years at the retail level in car dealerships. I look at what it costs by what did I pay for it and what I sold it for. That is what it cost me to own it. Thus, being 76, buying my first Jeep, and probably my only one, being in Colorado for the past several...
  20. Good Dealer in the RGV, Tx.

    I live in the RGV. There are 6 dealers within 100 miles of me. 78596 zip. Does anyone have anything good to say about any of the 6? I may just go to Houston since there are 2 dealers there that have decent recomendations. Looking to order a 2019 Rubi. Thanks.