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  1. 2019 Jeep Wrangler unlimited 3 months old now leaking oil

    If you want to be a Jeeper, you need to learn your oil colors , and smells, at the very least .
  2. 3.6L with 6 speed MT has uneven power band

    They may be fine on road after the fixes , but extreme off road ,not so much . But it seems hardly anyone uses them for that any more .
  3. For those who have a manual JL

    I realize that .After 25 years of truck driving you get to understand clutches . Low torque engines combined with underrated clutches that are installed to keep the petal light.could get expensive seeing as there is no warranty . However time will tell .
  4. For those who have a manual JL

    I have not had it slip under load. but there was an time when i had to slip the clutch to keep from stalling, while reversing up a slight incline. And you could smell the clutch did not like it.Were as in my older Jeeps there would never been an issue , with the same amount of slippage .
  5. Thud sound after I stopped and shut the motor

    did you use your parking brake? they will sometimes make strange noises .
  6. For those who have a manual JL

    With the addition of 5:13 gears .my Rubicon is now barely acceptable .but the clutch still is highly suspect , for having a long life . "Some" people love theirs ,but after 45 years of owning manual jeeps. i find them very unconvincing.
  7. 2.0 v 3.6 towing

    Not worried about you ! Just giving my opinion on the 3.6 with manual trans, Your opinions are all over this forum .
  8. 2.0 v 3.6 towing

    I can I tow as well , No more then 2000 LBS. Owning nothing but manual Jeeps since my 71 cj 5 and 20 years of Truck driving ( 140,000 lbs) you learn what works and what does not. The low torque 3.6 fails when mated to a manual . can it be done ? sure! rev, and slip the clutch . But for me...
  9. 2.0 v 3.6 towing

    Now this is Funny . Must not tow much !
  10. 37’s and 6 speed MT + Stock 4.10 Gearing

    Your better off with 4:88 if you drive at those speeds , and no off road . in fact your better off with stock tires for limited off road use. and 4:56 .
  11. Yep, my Jeep just broke down, won’t start

    Hyundai provides loaner cars as well, for longer periods. What does that tell you .
  12. Wrangler YJ 1990 - Need Good SOCAL Mechanic

    Change : Ignition control module . ICM
  13. Am I crazy to go 5.13 gears with JLUR manual on 35s?

    With the manual 5:13 make it tolerable off road .and alot better on, unless you like long drives over 75 Mph.
  14. 5.13 gears and 35's?

    Can you show me the proof , are you a teck from FCA?
  15. 5.13 gears and 35's?

    They are not perfect .. for my style . my 03 rubicon with 4:88 are nearly perfect. ( Off road ) but ya who does that on this forum?
  16. 5.13 gears and 35's?

    Do you realize When i say" tune" i am referring too engine Torque control of the 3.6 !!!!
  17. Loud AC Cooling Fan Fix - TSB 18-041-18 Rev B Oct 16

    Yes... lets all go back to the overheating engine and transmission killer, of the JK s on hot off road trails . so the mall crawlers can have a Quiet grocery getter!!
  18. 5.13 gears and 35's?

    I wonder if jeep put in a different tune in the Rubicon Manual ,as apposed to the sport ? Mine is alot better with 5:13 but not as good as it could be still .
  19. What is this welded hole!?

    Never heard of frame weld failing on Jeeps since 1942, except a few bad track bar mount welds on JL . can"t say the same about tacoma frame rust .
  20. What is this welded hole!?

    The welds are the least of your problems. just trying to help you out .