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  1. I-Connect Jeep Theme???

    select the check box to the right of each selection to change the theme.
  2. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue (CEL)

    Add me to the list @JeepCares Picked up the JLUR 4xe yesterday, took it out to get dinner and the CEL comes on during the drive. Almost all driving has been in hybrid/electric mode. Checked the gas cap, seated all the fuses, and still have a CEL. When I drive it, the CEL will flash which I...
  3. Electric cooking/stove for 4xe?

    Try an induction burner. plenty to see on Amazon.
  4. Gaia GPS or On X Offroad?

    I noticed that BF Goodrich has a similar product. Anyone have experience with OnTrail?
  5. What in the world is going on in Toledo?

    I ordered 5/19, VON 5/19, VIN 5/23, finished build, in "installation of additional equipment" step. No Gorilla Glass but did order quite a bit of tech and headliner.
  6. What in the world is going on in Toledo?

    Time travel or magic? Order 5/10, arrives 4/15!
  7. NO ORDERING OF 4XE now.

    Placed my order for a 4xe JLUR on March 19, got the VIN on Monday from my salesman. Now anxiously waiting for the build sheet to appear. Dealer says the build status is D1.
  8. NO ORDERING OF 4XE now.

    Battery technology won't advance enough in one year to get 40 mile range unless they double the size of the battery and then weight will be an issue. 25 is about all we will get until they change technology or go fully electric. I have a 4xe on order to replace my XC60 Recharge that gets 19 mile...