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  1. Problem with 2018 JL ESS battery is real

    Just to clarify, you're not talking about an actual trickle charger, right? Do you mean that naturally one battery will charge the other other based on the difference in potential? And I just looked over my paperwork and there is no mention of a TSB or any kind of software update. I should...
  2. Problem with 2018 JL ESS battery is real

    That time-frame is exactly what I experienced. And it doesn’t appear to be related to miles travelled as I’ve had mine for 3 years but haven’t even reached 14k yet.
  3. Problem with 2018 JL ESS battery is real

    Good question and I was wondering too. I can’t imagine it was a Uconnect update as I self replaced my 5” for a 7” and I heard the dealers won’t go near it if that’s the case. Maybe there’s engine specific software?? I don’t know much about it but I’ll find out what they did tomorrow and post back.
  4. Problem with 2018 JL ESS battery is real

    Can you upgrade the software that regulates charging of that battery? My mechanic said that was key to the problem, not the battery itself and that it will happen again unless it’s upgraded.
  5. Problem with 2018 JL ESS battery is real

    Until I took my JLU in today, the auto start-stop has only kicked in once since September of last year. The EVIC showed “not ready. battery charging” all that time. Today the secondary battery was replaced under warranty, the software upgraded and everything is back to normal. Apparently the...
  6. Software update

    When checking by VIN, I actually have gotten different results with different browsers. Firefox said I have no update, Safari says I do. I'm assuming it's because I have strong ad blocking on Firefox but that seems like a really poor design if it's tripped up that easy.
  7. GMRS radio wired to aux switch: good or bad?

    I have a ham VHF/UFH radio and not GMRS but for this question, there should be no difference. Mine is supposed to be wired straight to battery on both sides but IMHO that is overkill and I suspect manuals say that mostly to keep things simple and to ensure that there will never be a "rush" of...
  8. uConnect 4C OTA update titled “Popup Messages”

    I’m guessing this is the upgrade process attempting to install/upgrade a package of some sort. A JAR file is a Java ARchive.
  9. What is this box under the steering wheel?

    This is where I mounted my dual-bander Kenwood. It was such a big space, I‘ve also been curious what it’s used for on other models so thanks! Honestly, it’s such a perfect, secure mount-point for a ham radio, I’m now glad I don’t have the inverter.
  10. Comms mule - Ham, GMRS, and CB install

    The stock bracket that comes with the radio is mounted to that horizontal metal bar (you can see the two screws) and the radio itself is set into the rack with it's screws. I only use two screws to mount the radio to the rack as it lets me rotate the radio up and down and allows me to pull it...
  11. What is "Digital TV System"?

    Hi, I was looking over some of the wiring diagrams for my 2018 JL and I was wondering what the Digital TV System is? Is this like what I see in big SUVs where every passenger has their own display to watch? I've never seen this as an option for Wranglers so I'm curious why there is a diagram...
  12. 5" UConnect 3 USB stick for music

    Many people have posted that Jeep customer service is the source of the size limit.
  13. Comms mule - Ham, GMRS, and CB install

    Nice install. I have the same Kenwood model. My hard top is off quite often and I was concerned about security and at least wanted to mount the radio body in a more secure location. I don't mind drilling holes but to my surprise, I was able to mount the radio using it's out of the box bracket...
  14. 5" UConnect 3 USB stick for music

    Can I clarify something? I see this misconception about FAT32 limits often. The "32" has nothing to do with size limits. FAT32 can support drives up to 2 terabytes. The main limiting factor of FAT32 is that a single file can be 4GB maximum and music files are far smaller than that so it's...
  15. Another FTM-400 Ham Radio Install - Pic heavy

    Thanks for the write-up. It's nice to see so many different ways to do this. Question: is the air outlet directly pointed at the unit only a fresh air vent? If no and it has the potential to blow heat, I don't think I would feel comfortable installing the unit down there.
  16. Uconnect: Finally a fix for USB media always auto-playing!

    @rustyshakelford Apple generally employs hipsters who love U2 and there was a promotion quite a while ago and they pushed their tracks out to many people. Either way, you just have to find it in the music app on your phone and purge them. They may be syncing in via iTunes though. iTunes is...
  17. Uconnect: Finally a fix for USB media always auto-playing!

    @geem03 I've never experienced what you're describing but perhaps it's the USB drive quality? Drives vary greatly in build quality and reliability. Also, the type does matter. Personally I"m using a 250GB SanDisk SSD and not a flash drive. SSD hardware is typically much more robust as...
  18. Uconnect: Finally a fix for USB media always auto-playing!

    There are two things about Uconnect when playing music from a USB drive that drive me nuts: Music starts to play every time the ignition is turned on, even with the auto-play setting off. Uconnect often "forgets" what song it was playing before turning off the ignition and defaults to the...
  19. Media Device (USB music) resets when Jeep on/off sometimes

    Also, the problem with mine is compounded by the fact that the "do not auto-play media" setting is not working. I've seen it reset after the ignition was off for only 10 minutes but once, the vehicle sat idle for a week but continued play from the right spot. There is just no pattern to it...
  20. Media Device (USB music) resets when Jeep on/off sometimes

    It happens to me all the time and like you, I've never found any pattern explaining when or why it resets to the first song. I eventually just deleted the "first" song off my USB drive so I didn't have to deal with it anymore. Or course, now I'm stuck with a new "first" song. I bought my...