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  1. Gladiator Front Camera

    I noted that the gladiator lists a front camera as well as the rear camera in its specs...I'm surely hoping that whole system with wiring, mounting, and everything will just be a straight plug and play on our Wranglers. I'm assuming the 2020 Wrangler will also have the front camera, at least as...
  2. backup camera suddenly stopped working

    Yep, mine went black today with 526 miles on the Jeep. Lovely.
  3. 2" Mopar Lift lifted my JL 6"

    Ah...this seems to show its the springs AND shocks that need to be different for every model and engine combo, if I'm reading it right, and all the other parts are the same.
  4. 2" Mopar Lift lifted my JL 6"

    I can help with a simple google search: 4 door with a 3.6L part number is: 77072395AB 2 door with a 3.6L part number is: 77072396AB
  5. 2" Mopar Lift lifted my JL 6"

    Maybe they ordered the JLU version of the Mopar lift, that would have stiffer springs to accommodate the additional weight. Since yours is a 2 door, it would sit higher, and ride MUCH rougher. I'd start looking at part numbers of what they installed, just to be sure. Sounds exactly like...
  6. 50 ways the JL outperforms the JK

    It places that piece of the aftermarket pie above customer satisfaction and buyer experience...which I find quite distasteful given the fact that they can't actually deliver on the things the aftermarket community could easily have delivered on. They need to stop eyeing and drooling over the...
  7. 50 ways the JL outperforms the JK

    I think what Jeep did, keeping this vehicle from the aftermarket before release, is inexcusable. When Ford is developing a new Mustang or Raptor, they get prototypes out to the aftermarket manufacturers as early as possible, so that there is a fully supported aftermarket as soon as the vehicle...
  8. Turns out the JL is heavier and just as thirsty/slow as the JK

    That's the part of the sentence that DIDN'T support his point.
  9. 50 ways the JL outperforms the JK

    Aftermarket support for the JK, for now, is second to no other vehicle I know of. For the JL (and particularly the 2 door) its pathetic so far.
  10. Ace Trail doors installed

    They look really good, but please keep us updated if you get those rattles adjusted out. And the body armor mirrors...did those come from ACE, or were those some you found elsewhere? How simple was the install on those?
  11. 50 ways the JL outperforms the JK

    Perhaps the biggest proof that the JL is leaps and bounds above the JK...constant stream of JK owners coming to this forum to take pot shots at it, out of insecurity and inferiority complexes.
  12. Turns out the JL is heavier and just as thirsty/slow as the JK

    Somehow I think the manufacturer, who ships these vehicles all day long, is in a better position to say difference in weight than C&D who took two random units with unknown option mix and unknown gas in the tank, etc. and threw them on scales.

    Are these "around town only" type Jeeps so you can always call for a tow if a flat happens, or do you have a means of repairing a flat if one happens while rock crawling a remote trail in the mountains? I would love to ditch my spare and save all that weight, but I'm at a loss as to how one...
  14. Do NOT do the uconnect update

    My jeep was delivered with Off Road Pages, so I'm assuming I already have this update and wont need to do it, but can people just turn down the brightness on their dash/screen before doing the update and eliminate this temporary burn-in issue?
  15. Trip Information does NOT match Odometer?!?

    SO...what happens when you hit reset? Does it then completely fix this and it starts behaving normally?
  16. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    It will be interesting to see how the ARB compressor holds up to the high temps under the hood...but since its really the only good option for a spot on these rigs, I'm hoping that compressor is very heat durable. Any know of any issues yet on the JK's that mounted these under hood?
  17. 2018 JL Rubicon - Loose/dead stop in steering

    Well that's good. I've driven solid axles for two weeks, and I don't have a steering issue either. My steerings just fine. So, what's your point? That it shouldn't feel any different than an IRS vehicle? Hogshit.
  18. 2018 JL Rubicon - Loose/dead stop in steering

    I dunno...yours looks quite a bit more loose than mine. I freaked a little on my first test drive of one before I ordered, but having never read the forums, I chalked it up to solid front axle, and big tires, and just being so different from what I was driving daily. While waiting for my...