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  1. JL first drive thoughts

    Dropping to 35 did help. Ty
  2. Hard top wind noise

    I’ve had plenty of jeeps...surprisingly my JL is the loudest. Just crank the tunes. It’s a Jeep thing.
  3. JL first drive thoughts

    The steering is not an upgrade on the JL. I feel that I am always making minor adjustment as i drive to keep it going straight. I did not say anything to my wife but she brought up the same point last night.
  4. has anyone here driven one?

    have had it for a week.. a lot more pull off the line (threw me back when I gunned it out of lot for first time) ... everything feels more refined (ride quality).... wind noise at highway speed even louder (believe it or not) .... I know you can turn it off right away but ESS is annoying...
  5. Lug Nuts

    1/2 inch - 20 Lugs NO LONGER WORK ON THE JL's (guessing they are 9/16 now). I figured that out last night when I went to install my 285/70/17s Goodyear Duratracs on a Pro Comp Wheel that I bought from a reputable online Jeep site (no need to throw anyone under the bus). Need to call Pro Comp to...