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  1. 2018 Jeep JLUR - Engine ticking / knocking at low to mid RPM

    I also have this noise. It happens every day like you described. After letting off the accelerator, usually at lower rpms. No issues as far as I can tell. Always wondered about it though, I’m not sure if it’s normal for these engines.
  2. Should I pursue lemon law?

    Honestly, in hindsight I should have just saved my money and built a TJ
  3. Should I pursue lemon law?

    Here in Texas it’s 24 months or 24,000 miles.
  4. Should I pursue lemon law?

    This is a somewhat long read. Here's some background info for starters: 2018 JLUS ~17K miles, purchased March 2019. I live in Texas, and I do all my repairs at certified dealerships. The Jeep has seen mild offroad use, like it was designed for. I have trail rash underneath and on the paint...
  5. ‘18 2.0 Sport Overheating, Been in shop for over a month

    My JL has been in the shop for almost a month now due to an overheating issue. About a month ago it started getting hot again here in TX. The first day it hit 90 I started overheating on the highways going 55-65 mph. So I took it to the dealership, the Jeep only has 17k miles on it give or take...
  6. How much can I sell my axles for?

    I’m wondering how much I can sell my stock Sport axles for. I have D30 front and D44 rear with LSD.
  7. Texas Plenty of JLU 2018+ takeoffs for sale. South Austin TX.

    are those the high line fenders? and where are the control arms from
  8. California Sold

  9. Upgrading to UD44 front 18 JLUS

    Could I run the 4.88s with 35s until I upgrade to the 37s?
  10. Ultimate Dana 44 Axle install notes and pics

    I’m looking to do this exact upgrade, I’m wondering what it ran you.. would love to do this before my summer trip.
  11. Upgrading to UD44 front 18 JLUS

    I have a 2018 JLUS with d30/d44 lsd. I am looking to upgrade the front axle to a UD44, which includes lockers and gears. I’m running 35s and want to go up to 37s eventually. My questions are, what gear ratio should I choose? Do I need to re gear the rear as well? Should I throw a locker on the...
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Here’s the link. Comes with center caps, can’t beat the price.
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Life size - 22 years young lift size - 2.5” Rock Krawler stock mod kit, wish I would’ve went an inch higher.
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Added some classic style wheels and got my windows tinted. Also purchased new soft top windows to match the tint. The soft top windows were 3x the price of the tint and the same price as the wheels! Insane in my opinion but worth it in the end. Black lug nuts to come later tonight.
  15. Rear differential crap out

    I’m concerned about this. I am having the same issue with my 2018 JLUS 2.0. I am wanting the dealer to make this right but I have a 2.5” lift and 35s, and some dents in my gas tank skid and I’m concerned that they will find a way to not repair under warranty.
  16. Body damage on Mojito JLU

    That’s what I’m thinking! Wondering if I’ll have an issue installing them though with the damage, but I’m thinking if I can do that, and then get trails doors, you won’t even be able to tell!