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  1. Death Wobble 2020 JL Sahara - Gonna be a gong show I can tell...

    full front end review and make sure the ball joints ALL UPPERS AND LOWERS are also tight.
  2. Dual Top group — what is your experience??

    the soft top comes boxed and it fits in the backseat/trunk area with seats folded down. swapping them out is easy and the plastic attachments for driver and pass. side come off without time alone taking off soft top completely including plastics. maybe .. MAYBE 45mins MAX.(be very...
  3. Dealer not interested in fixing Jeep, nor is case management----options?

    lol 5 pages for this? how often do you really go into drive and into reverse like that? the noise half way through that video sounds like your trying to ram it into gear to hear this noise. do you actually drive out of parking lots or driveways?
  4. Steering gear box TSB, am I screwed? Need advice.

    maxcare is the worst. hopefully it all works out for ya. worst case you sell it for your money back or make a profit and find a older model and be more within your means for when shit breaks and its not warranty.
  5. Totally dead, nothing, no power

    Click the link and read it’s a long read, however some good info
  6. Totally dead, nothing, no power

    the battery in the fender well is an Aux, I’m sure you’ll need to have your aux and main battery warrantied (or replace both) if it won’t start off a jumpstart a good known attempt (not the way it shows in your profile picture with two jumpstart packs connected to it. If it doesn’t start and...
  7. Totally dead, nothing, no power

    I’m gunna go with your battery is just bad.
  8. Totally dead, nothing, no power

    did you happen to be charging and order have anything plugged into the jeep charging overnight? or any dash cams wired in?
  9. My first issue with my JL

    lol you won't get a new vehicle. but you will get a diff warrantied or rear end, whatever they find. awhile back they didn't even allow any techs to open any rear ends to check parts or even fluids, and would send replacement axles. especially for the rubicons with electronic locker. im sure...
  10. Today is 4XE Lift / Wheel / Tire day!!!

    its deff just not properly seated is all not a hard fix..
  11. Diesel Lift Kit?

    You have to take into consideration also the high cut fenders though if you wanna judge the gap…
  12. Diesel Lift Kit?

    swapped Mopar 2.5 lift from 2018 3.6jlu to the new 21 3.0 ecodiesel. install was fine, however obviously diesel weight is noticeable in front end before even adding bumper and winch back on.
  13. 2nd time out, 2021 diesel more issues , Round two!

    after seeing this photo I'm almost willing to bet money it'll end up being an issue within a main harness or near pcm harness and will find a loose terminal/non seated terminal within. just based on how this problem occurs and seeing all the lights and warnings that prompt. did you by any chance...
  14. jeep JL damage

    that USB port needs replaced, warrantied out. be careful what kinda of cords you use within that port, such as non damaged cords etc.. its just overheated to ruin that plastic above it,
  15. Rattle/Clicking Noise in Front End

    I would start with checking those extensions, and or isolators under springs. Doesn’t sound like it’s a sway bar link issues. Maybe you’ll get lucky and notice and witness marks around something that it’s rubbing against
  16. Rattle/Clicking Noise in Front End

    please tell me its not some d rings on your aftermarket bumper that clank around lol stock bumpers? winch? sounds like its probably heat shield or did this kit come with brake line extensions also? sometime those extension tabs can cause brake line wheel speed sensor wire noise ...sometimes...
  17. Teraflex ST2 2.5 inch lift issue

    they have an update oem track bar that's more than likely why.
  18. Teraflex ST2 2.5 inch lift issue

    don't even need correct tool, you can visual tell the angle is absolutely incorrect and is asking for some damaged parts.. I deff think they send wrong arms to ya.. the front springs won't also be perfect up and down there's usually slight bowing in most.
  19. Apple CarPlay Resizing

    you realize how dumb you look when you make statements not knowing who actually makes these software fixes? lol jeep could care less, jeep cares are not actually software engineers, or technicians at that. it takes a whole lot more than you would even assume for all these to come together...