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  1. Should I Stay or Should I Go Now??

    Thats all good. Maybe send me a PM when you get it back. I had low coolant when i first bought mine. Took it to the dealer and they topped it off. 3 months later it was low again. I bought my own and topped it to a little over the max line, and that was about NOV of 2020. So almost a year...
  2. Should I Stay or Should I Go Now??

    Build date is on the tag in the driver door seam, or so I was told. But most likely its a Mar-July starting build since your Oct purchase.
  3. Should I Stay or Should I Go Now??

    I second all of this (except the song). Also can you tell us what your build date was -- for thoes of us whom have 2018 models to possibly be aware of. Because i had a wee bit of coolant loss at first and then it stopped. Hmmmm.
  4. Welp...Nacho and Hella are done

    I remember one of the premiere's of the JT Mojave in Punk'n.
  5. Help Jeep pick a new color

    Jeep has been close IMO, I got punk'n because of "LE MANS sunset" (and i used to own a Daytona Blue 350Z :)
  6. Oil filter R & R

    Sorry I can not answer for a Diesel, not sure how the setup is. My reference is to the 3.6
  7. Couple Noob questions. Please be gentle.

    One of the mechanics I work with has a CJ or YJ (dont remember which) and his advise to me about the 4-HI and 4-LO is even if you dont use them you should put it into those gears around every 3-6 months so that the gears will get some lubrication in the T-Case.
  8. October 5 is tomorrow. Will the rumors come true?

    Hopefully Jeep releases some good news for those that are in the market. But I got my jeep so im watchin' a different launch tomorrow.
  9. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    So a couple weeks ago we had the top and doors off the Punk'n driving around town and visiting a couple orchards to see the autumn programs. I must say jeep really needs to bring back this color option. Its def one of the top 5 IMO. So as we were checking out the sights and product a lot of...
  10. Interest Rates

    Should be from 2.5 to 3.5% however I would talk with a banker. Like getting the GAP insurance through the bank instead of the dealer might save you a few pennies ;) Once this graph starts going up, so do personal interest rates on loans.
  11. Post Your Cool Random JL pics. Pics. Pics, pics, pics!

    Emergency call to work yesterday, Punk'n had to photo bomb the basics.
  12. Why can't Jeep US get their s**t together?

    I think you need to give them this digital bag of Richards for your pains :devil:. End users always getting the shaft.
  13. Rich Jeepers

    Your end saying reminds me of a quote from a game I used to play and I couldn't agree more! Happiness: a good bank account, a good cook, and a good digestion. - Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  14. Rich Jeepers

    I wouldn't say I'm wealthy but I have made some wise investments. What I do - UPS engineering department and YES we are hiring LINK! And right now MR. Market (interest) is in the pipe leading out to the sewer @ great credit you can get a loan at about 2.5% which is nuts.
  15. Oil filter R & R

    I stuff paper towels around the filter area before pulling it up. then a small wad to lay it on as i trasnport it over the engine bay, or a small cardboard box. Then remove all paper towel wads and clean area of any lint with a disposable rag.
  16. I love my manual Jeep, but...

    Love my MT whips.... that hazzard button gets hit about once a month. More recently I did a WOT test in 4th. I noticed that even though I was on a flat stretch of road going about 50MPH i did not feel any umph from the electronic throttle that really push me to 60 fast enough. hmmmm.
  17. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Just chill'n
  18. Jeep caught in heavy rains..

    With these JL's integrated into the BCM w/ radio. I wouldn't put too much to chance on the amp to risk having a gremlin later down the road. I would just buy a whole new amp. In fact I have an amp that i thought i was going to use for subs but ended up repairing the one i had So if it would...
  19. GECKO Wrangler JL Club

    Looks amazing! We saw a Rubi Gecko drive by last weekend as it was turning dusk and it looked awesome. I would like to get a side by side of the Punk'n with Gecko.
  20. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    Was at a family reunion over the weekend. We have similar taste apparently. Orange Crush vs Punk'n