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  1. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    Well, we were one of the first to order in UT on 12/22. Finally picked up my 2-dr JL Black Hardtop Sport S on 6/8!! ONLY 5 1/2 months! But... it was worth the wait. My dealer checked UT statewide inventory (and I followed up with calls to other dealers throughout the state which all claimed...
  2. How long for a custom order?

    Ordered De 22 w/deposit. Given 3/29 delivery date, then 4/30 date, then 5/11 date. Finally on 5/18 given info it was built and slated for delivery(!?) Best of luck.. Didn't really help for me to order early. Sport S hardtop.
  3. What option did you give up?

    Gave up heated seats. Dealer stated they can do it cheaper than factory price (hmm).
  4. Car and Driver Review of 2 Door V-6 Manual

    "I'm your huckleberry". 2-Door Sport is the way to go, go , go, etc.
  5. Turn off the traction control, it's fun

    Talk to me about the supercharging: HP increase, MPG if known (or if that matters, LOL), and obviously cost.
  6. 2019 Model Year Jeep Wrangler JL Changes?

    CANNOT RECALL with specificity, but I read that Jeep could not do the front safety be=cause of the collapsing windshield. To be seen...
  7. Anyone getting a custom vanity license plate?

    Planning on J33P . Comments. please.
  8. New (upcoming) Owner saying hi...

    Don't want to rain on your parade, BUT... I ordered my JL 2-Dr on 12/22/17! Still have yet to see it. Have had my 'delivery date' postponed twice so far, 3/29 to 4/30 to 5/11! Still no Jeep. However, it finally was built as of 5/16 and should ship eventually. Good luck. Hopefully the...
  9. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    UPDATE: Contacted my friendly sales rep (I used to work with him at that dealership a few years back.) on 4/23. He bypassed the publicly available sites and went to the dealership-accessed site. I explained the inconsistency of JeepCares, etc. and he advised me that my 2-dr is REALLY scheduled...
  10. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    Don't get too excited as my Jeep D status has been that way for over 6 weeks.. Good luck. Go get a cup coffee.
  11. I have had it!!! #FreeMyJeep - end the KZ status!!!

    Did you order the 2-door? I ordered mine on 12/22. A call today revealed absolutely NOTHING! One screen showed KZX-Delivered to dealer. ANother screen showed D-1 Parts gathered, ready to build. I am almost giving up myself!
  12. So what are the hidden options you get when you upgrade? I.e. Infotainment gets better windshield...

    Yes, I also would like to know about the windshield and if this is with the 7" and/or 8.4" system.
  13. What top have you ordered for your 2 door and what is your status?

    Ordered the JL 2-door with hardtop. Was advised yesterday that it is cleared for shipping and should be at my dealer in northern UT on 4/30! Happy day
  14. New Car Replacement - Insurance Co. Comparison

    our post got me off MY lazy ass and I phoned State Farm. Retired, senior, no accidents, no tickets: adding new JL 2-door to three other vehicles- $320/6 months.
  15. So, so close...

    Likewise, today I was given an ETA date to my dealership in Utah. Avoid chat.
  16. JL 2 Door Production

    As reported by me on another thread, JeepCares informed me today that my 2-door JL Sport hardtop is done and cleared for shipping. ETA in Utah is 4/30.
  17. 2-Door JL production has begun!

    Just got off the line with JeepCares and they have confirmed that my 2-door Sport has been completed and cleared for shipping- since order on 12/22. Eta to dealer in Northern Utah is 4/30. Happy day.
  18. Effectiveness of Cold-Air Induction for 3.6 JL?

    Expecting my 3.6 JL 2-door in a couple weeks. Wondering about the effectiveness of C/A as far as MPG and Performance. Have C/A on my Challenger R/T and am happy with it as MPG is not really my goal in it. Does anyone have real world results to share so that I can make an intelligent decision...
  19. Automatic Sticker and Build Sheet tracking

    Just signed up.. LIKE. Appreciate it mucho.