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  1. DV8 SRJL-03 Sliders

    Mine are as well, even with two washers on the back mounts. It's also still making knocking sounds when I hit bumps in the road. Probably from the pinch seem hitting the rail. I'll add another set of washers and see if it spaces it out enough.
  2. DV8 SRJL-03 Sliders

    The forward-most bolt on each side needs to be removed and re-installed to mount the forward bracket. The B and C pillar brackets mount on the smaller body bolts next to the body isolation bolts.
  3. DV8 SRJL-03 Sliders

    Did you add two washers per bolt or just one washer for each of the two bolts on the rear mount?
  4. Best 2.5" lift available?

    Did you have to get your own extended brake lines and bumps stops? Doesn’t look like the kit includes those.
  5. DV8 SRJL-03 Sliders

    I’ll be adding washers to the rear mounts later this week or weekend. Hopefully it will get rid of the knocking sounds.
  6. DV8 SRJL-03 Sliders

    Really glad I found this thread. I just installed these on our JLUR and experienced this exact thing. Mostly the driver side but also a little bit on the passenger side (I think). Also noticing a trend of Sting Gray with DV8 sliders!