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  1. Maryland Sold: 5 Continental 315/70/17 (35s) Terrain Contact (AllTerrain) $400

    30,000 miles, 5 tire rotations. 12/32-13/32 tread remaining. Local Pickup Only (Maryland).
  2. Moab/Ouray trip coming up as newbee ....... advice wanted

    Thank you both for the input! I'll likely leave Moab around 5 am, should allow plenty of time for all stages and arrival into Denver anytime Monday evening is fine. Looking forward to the trip!
  3. Moab/Ouray trip coming up as newbee ....... advice wanted

    Ridgeway Jeeper....hoping you can answer a question: I am spending Saturday and Sunday in Moab, and need to be back in Denver Monday evening. Is it possible to leave Moab 5-6 am Monday and run either Orphir Pass or Imogene Pass and still make it to Denver by 6/7 pm?
  4. Order/Pricing Guide for Grand Cherokee

    Have searched everywhere but the dark web and can't seem to find an order guide for Grand Cherokees similar to that of the Wrangler. Has anyone come across it?
  5. New Jersey Premium Twill Soft Top For Sale 2dr JL

    Is this still available?
  6. Maryland 2020 JLR Suspension Take Off $50 or case of Sierra Nevada Summerfest

    Now a North Carolina resident too! I am thirsty!
  7. Maryland 2020 JLR Suspension Take Off $50 or case of Sierra Nevada Summerfest

    BUMP! Covid put the kabosh on a lined up sale. This is back in the marketplace. I spend a fair amount of time traveling from Maryland to the outer banks....can likely deliver if necessary along that path.
  8. New Jeep Owners: What was your last car, and WHY JEEP?

    I previously owned '97 and '03 TJs, each with 100,000 miles when purchased. Sold the '03 in 2013, soon after picked up a 2014 Holden Commodore VF, a.k.a. Chevy SS. The SS was a blast, was able to cross off a bucket list item by to running it on Watkins Glen during a Porsche club event, and it...
  9. What does everybody do for a living?

    Project Development/Finance for a company that handles wastewater residuals. Yep....s&^t.
  10. Maryland 2020 JLR Suspension Take Off $50 or case of Sierra Nevada Summerfest

    That's good, because I didn't want to take my wife to shop in Nyack nor hit one of the local micro brews for a good lunch! No worries...good luck!
  11. nascar fans???

    So we drove to Daytona this past weekend, basically to a Trump rally! Alright, we arrived Saturday in plenty of time to see the xFinity race and enjoy the overall experience. The race Sunday being a washout, with the postponement until 4 pm Monday meant the we were headed home as a couple of...
  12. nascar fans???

    Oh man, I am watching the replay right now with 6 laps to go. where's the spoiler alert when you need it!
  13. nascar fans???

    Thanks for all ticket advice, we have secured 2 day packages. Last attended in 2007, looking forward to better weather than the low 50s that day. On a side note, I traded my ‘14 Chevy SS for my ‘20 JLR. I miss the was such a fun sleeper. Did an HPDE event at Watkins Glen which was...
  14. nascar fans???

    Anyone have experience buying tickets at Daytona? Have plans to drive down Friday, but plans are contingent on my buddy driving from Rochester NY. While weather looks good now, we don't want to buy tix in advance not knowing if the weather may play a factor.