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  1. Stone Chips at Door Hinges

    Already ordered a Kit to fix the paint. Will do that every Sunday till I have a long term solution.. Thought about using red liquid rubber there. Also wondered if closed rock rails would fix it, so stones would simply not get there. Normally wanted some in pipe design but I guess that would...
  2. Weird symbol, Flip Flops only?

    ok cool, I was sure it can't be something serious :)
  3. Stone Chips at Door Hinges

    Hi, my JLUR is just around 5 weeks in use, 2800km, but my Door Hinges look like its 10 years old. It's the lower ones on both rear doors. As I won't change my driving style or terrain, I wonder what I can do about it. Cause if it goes on like this there won't be any color left after a year..
  4. Weird symbol, Flip Flops only?

    Hi, wonder what the heck this symbol means? Can someone enlighten me?
  5. 392 - Import to Europe?

    You can buy custom cars with Hemi in Germany, also some jeeps. The Question is more if does work with the 392 like it is. For example pretty sure the switchable exhaust will not fit EU regulations.
  6. Battery - Who is who - JL 2021

    Got the 2.0 but things should be similar
  7. Battery - Who is who - JL 2021

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out which battery does which job. From what I heard in YouTube videos everything runs on the small hidden one. But then what is the big on for? Can anybody light up the dark?
  8. Sky Touch roof......

    Don't think so, there's no difference in opening/closing speed between when standing or at 50mph. So the motor must be pretty strong
  9. Sky Touch roof......

    I actually did not want it, but the only new JL around here had it, so I bought it. Now I love it, very happy to have! Would defiantly order if I get another JL
  10. Rugged Ridge JL/JT Snorkel kit installed

    Yeah, wanted to order Rock Sliders from ACE, shipping would have been 645$+ Import Fees of cause. Together thats more as the Sliders itself. Also I would take the risk that ITV not approves it.. Sending back is no option.. Even RAM Mount took 98$ for shipping... Thats real pain. Guess will go to...
  11. 67 Design Rail System

    Mine sadly was not so cool, they "maybe offer international shipping within next month". As I didn't want to wait for a "maybe" went for ram instead. Not as sexy as 67 but bigger balls :)
  12. Rugged Ridge JL/JT Snorkel kit installed

    Was in Gran Canaria last winter, it's very different to Fuerte. Theres high and steep Mountains, also lot of green, Fuerte is the oldest Island of the canarys. Its very dry, desert like. There are endless possibilities for off-roading. Uncountable amount of ravines and volcano mountains + it's...
  13. Workshop Manual?

    they are not included in this 200 bucks manual?
  14. Workshop Manual?

    Yeah, but mess up my system just to read a pdf on a USB Stick? Also diskspace and thats defiantly not cheap at apples..
  15. Workshop Manual?

    For all my cars so far I had such a "do your self" manual for around 30 bucks. Especially for a Jeep such would make so much sense. But seems something like this doesn't exist. I would not mind to pay 129 or 199 but those aren't useable on Mac. Too bad you can't buy a simple PDF version as...
  16. Rugged Ridge JL/JT Snorkel kit installed

    I'm looking for a cyclone snorkel. I life on a small island 50 miles from Sahara desert. So supply with parts and stuff is not too easy. If import something it should be solid and it seems sad, that a part from a well known brand for 600 bucks need to be fixed cause of design fails. Also thats...
  17. Tazer Mini or OBD JScan?

    Yeah, the Canarys are awesome for off-roading, especially fuerteventura. Except some protected environments and military areas you can go anywhere you like. Also government is just about to setup a ferry connection to Marokko, that means I could go for day trips to Sahara desert. I'm pretty...
  18. Workshop Manual?

    Just wondering if google is fooling me? Does something like a workshop manual for JL truly not exist?
  19. Show your cyclone snorkels

    I'm living on a dusty island 50 miles from Sahara desert, so a cyclone snorkel would make a lot of sense for me. -> Looking for Images of sexy cyclone snorkels.