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  1. Engine Replacement

    Hey! The engine was ok at first. It had a minor issue after driving it 200 miles after. I notice this weird knocking noise again but not as loud or consistent as the last one prior to the engine replacement. The gas cap light came on and i wasn’t going away. Then the check engine light came on...
  2. Engine Replacement

    Hey everyone! So I finally got the car back in which they replaced the engine and steering damper for the steering. And well the very loud ticking noise i gone, but there is a new very low knocking noise that comes and goes. Don’t know if it’s normal. I will be posting a video soon. Also the...
  3. New noise after engine replacement

    Hey yes I did. It’s currently in the shop due to a loud ticking or knocking noise It kept having. I’m no mechanic and I honestly thought it was normal because the car was running fine to me at 91 octane. Any who i took it in for service and apparently they couldn’t figure it out and will now be...
  4. New noise after engine replacement

    Hey I read on another thread you had your engine replaced because of a ticking noise. And now you’re having a different issue? How’s it running now? My Jl is in the shop for an engine replacement as well 2.0 turbo
  5. Engine Replacement

    Thanks for replying every one. I will keep you posted to see what happens. Last info I got was they had order a new engine already and was on its way. Should take a week 1/2 to deliver and a few days to install and test drive it.
  6. Engine Replacement

    Hello y’all I bought a new wrangler rubi 21 0 miles. At 340miles i had to get the valve body replaced twice. Now at 2550 miles, the service department is replacing the engine 2.0 turbo charged because they can’t find this issue with this loud ticking noise. It’s been 3 weeks Any thoughts or...
  7. New 2020 JLU Engine Replacement 2.0 Turbo

    I’m on the same boat as you. Are there any updates?
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  9. Automatic Transmission Failure

    Hi there! I’m in the same situation with my new JL. How’s it running now?
  10. Jeep Died

    To everyone who had a defected valve body and got it replaced. How’s it running now? Im in the same situation with my 21 jl
  11. 2020 Wrangler Transmission failed

    So mine had only 344 miles after it decided to misfire and jerk a lot. CEL turned on did everything i could to figure it out and nothing. Took it to the dealer and they said its the valve body defected. It’s been more than a week and they should be “fixing it” by the end of this week. But I...
  12. 2019 Wrangler Factory Order - Faulty Valve Body

    Hey Jay. How long did it take for the dealer to replace your transmission and how is it running now? Thanks
  13. 2019 Wrangler Factory Order - Faulty Valve Body

    Hi Fred It’s been a year since you posted this comment. I was just curious to know how is your jeep running now? I’m in a similar situation right now. Thanks
  14. 2020 Wrangler Transmission failed

    Hey there. Just wondering how is your jeep running now? Im in your situation right now with my own. Sucks to say
  15. 2021 JLU Rubicon Engine Misfire (CEL Code - P0302)

    I have the 2.0L turbo charge. Apparently they’re changing a defected valve body and it’s been in the shop more than a week.
  16. 2021 JLU Rubicon Engine Misfire (CEL Code - P0302)

    Hey y’all. I’m in similar situation right now. Is there any new updates in regards with your jeep?
  17. 2021 Rubicon Unlimited. Defect CEL

    Turns out they have to keep my Jeep another week because apparently the valve body they installed was also defected as well. My car been there since the 26th of February. Sounds like they don’t what’s the problem and they’re just stalling to figure it out. And the funny thing is that service...
  18. 2021 Rubicon Unlimited. Defect CEL

    UPDATE: So I finally got an update from the dealer and they said it was the valve body. They’re getting it replace tomorrow. Its weird that a new car is having these kind of issues already.
  19. 2021 Rubicon Unlimited. Defect CEL

    Hey y’all. I’m new to the fam because I finally bought my dream car. (Weekend car ONLY) Bought it last week after doing research, pricing, etc. Any who my Jeep wasn’t cheap lol. But hey you get what you pay for... but in this case I’m not liking my situation. From 0 miles to 344 while cruising...