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  1. Help with picking the right Teraflex for me ...

    Depends on how much money you wanna spend, minimum you'll need front lower control arms to adjust caster angle.
  2. Seat Covers recommendations?

    Bartacts all day long I love mine
  3. Horrible gas mileage jl

    I have 3.5in lift on a JLU with 35s and 4.88 gears auto and I'm average 17 total (16-17 city and 19-20 highway) I don't know what your doing
  4. New JLR, I have a DRL question.

    The The tazer lite is cheaper $219 with the option to upgrade to the full version if you choose. I don't know if you can do DRLs with it tho
  5. LED bulbs vs LED aftermarket headlights

    I am considering it, did you have any issues wiring up the oem LED? I'm hearing there's wires jeep sports don't have that the other packages have
  6. LED bulbs vs LED aftermarket headlights

    Thank you, I was unaware of the glare.
  7. LED bulbs vs LED aftermarket headlights

    I have a Sport S and looking at upgrading to LEDs. I'm seeing alot of bulb replacements people are doing and some doing a full headlight upgrade. Is one better then the other besides the price difference? Any benefit to the full headlight upgrade over just LED bulb replacements?
  8. JL Oracle conversion vs JL oem led headlights

    I'm curious if the JL led oem headlights are worth 700-900 dollars vs an oracle 200 dollar Led conversion or the v.4 from headlight revolution
  9. Red Accent Wheels-Lets see um!

    What wheels are these?