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  1. Looking to buy the Premium Soft Top for my JLUR

    I am also looking to buy a black Premium soft top in the Texas area. I will come pick up or pay for shipping. PM me if you are interested in selling!!!
  2. CB Antenna Mount, What I Did

    Where is the best place to mount the CB inside the jeep?
  3. JL Factory Orders

    I also ordered from Mark Gussman at River oaks in Houston. So far he has been very easy to work with. Mine has been built but not delivered yet. He did 4% below invoice. No one in my area came close to that.
  4. How long is the shipping process

    When you get yours in, let me know the actual time that it took to get to Houston. Thanks
  5. How long is the shipping process

    Once you find out that your order has shipped, how long to it take to reach its destination? Texas to be more precise.
  6. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    Has anyone bought a rubicon with cloth seats yet? If so, send some pics.
  7. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    Very Nice. My build is very similar to yours. Did you get leather seats or Cloth?
  8. Best deals found on a new JL?

    I thought that y'all were talking about a dealership in Texas. That link is to a dealership in Idaho. ????? Im trying to find the best deal in texas.
  9. Best deals found on a new JL?

    What is Dillons website?
  10. Soft Top or Hard On JLU?

    Although I have always wanted one. This will be my first Jeep. I need some advice on whether I should get a soft top or Hard. All of the people that I know that have hard tops, hardly ever take them off? I plan to use my with out the top whenever possible. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  11. Official 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Order Guide (4-Door JLU - U.S.). Order bank is open!

    Did y'all see pricing information on all of the options when you ordered?