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  1. What’s everyone using to keep your plastic fender flares black?

    I have been using 303 on mine and turtle wax ice on my daughter's. Both potions work visibly equal. I tend to like the turtle wax ice more because I can use it on metal and plastic.
  2. Start of 3.0 Production

    This thread brings back memories of the 2 Door JL Starting in December of 2017 going to June of 2018. Almost the exact same comments. 2 Days shy of 6 months for mine. Hang in there!
  3. 50 dollars for Mopar Mud Flaps Each
  4. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    After only 1 1/2 years....
  5. Turtle Wax ICE

    +1 on the Ice. I'm still using 303 on my fenders, but we are using ice on my daughters fenders as a test. I don't have a strong opinion yet on plastic parts. I do know that 303 on metal is not so good.
  6. Fixed my key from popping out the Fob

    I posted this a year ago. Works perfect, looks "fine".
  7. Anyone Using a Gun Magnet?

    In general, works great. Have to re-position maybe once a month.
  8. Hard Top Squeaking?

    My 303 solution did not last long. (nor has any silicone grease, etc, etc) I am now on board with the dish soap. I have a certificate in Tribology, but absolutely no experience with the lubricity of dish soap. Time for a poll: Which dish soap works best and lasts longest. I used Dawn...
  9. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    Had a flashback a couple minutes ago. (My wife is "babysitting"my daughter's JLU.) ONE YEAR AGO, we were all asking "WHERE IS MY JL" (2 Door). 1 year later, I am still Happy!!!!
  10. Rugged Ridge Entry Guards - Review, Opinions, Comparisons?

    There is a thread on this.
  11. Quadratec entry guards

    Based on ya'lls feedback on the needed 3rd strip of tape. Here is what I did to my daughter's JL this afternoon. The Quadratec sill guards are WAY better than the Mopar ones.
  12. Rattleling left and right

    Hot Glue, I tried other options.
  13. Charlie Brown Audio Sound

    I put a dollop of plumbers putty on mine, it was easier to manipulate into position.
  14. light up the side of the road

    I have my left and right "ditch" lights wired to Aux3 and 4. Deer are a real pain.
  15. Another JL - Specific Phone Mount Option

    I want a Qi charger. So, this is a cheap ($12) Qi charger base attached to a piece of Kydex wrapped around the grab-bar.
  16. Daylight Running Lights in Uconnect

    I read this thread because of experiences I have had. My JL is black and IMO, it "looks" much better going down the road with just the halo lights and no fender lights. Shortly after turning off the fender lights I had 2 different incidents of idiots pulling out in front of me. I turned the...
  17. Switching to 4LO

    I had multiple opportunities over the past few days to need/want/desire 4LO. For the life of me I have not yet found the "trick" to make the transition easy. (I have an auto) (Yes, I read the manual). No matter what I do, drive/reverse/neutral, tap the gas pedal, all my previous tricks, I...
  18. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    I was getting my deer stand ready for opening day in the morning and saw this beauty.....
  19. 20,000 mile oil changes

    Ya'll who are changing your oil every 3,000 miles, are you also changing your spark plugs every 12,000? Same logic.