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  1. Alabama 2021 JLU soft top for Sale $900.00 obo

    It is not. Its the best top one that comes standard on them. part number is 82215915AB
  2. Alabama 2021 JLU soft top for Sale $900.00 obo

    Bump! 900 OBO
  3. Alabama 2021 JLU soft top for Sale $900.00 obo

    ill keep you posted, still looking for a hard top for sale
  4. Ordered My 4XE Yesterday

    congrats on the new purchase! i love mine but i dont remember seeing a gorilla glass option when i built mine....kinda jealous of that. mine arrived about 2 months after placing the order at the dealer.
  5. 4xe review by a "Jeep Guy"

    I totally agree. A ton of people missed the mark on why jeep put this out. I commute about 9 miles one way to work every day and having the ability to do that on just electric every day....and having a jeep is nothing but incredible. When I do drive on the interstate it will overtake slow...
  6. Regen dropping out while braking, and now downhill!

    i was under the impression that max regen only worked above 5mph or so. The mirror hanger brochure thing (idk what to call it) said that max regen would be active until coming to a complete stop. Maybe its set to cut off at 5-6mph? if i have it activated just driving in stop and go traffic or in...
  7. 2022 model year changes- 4xe

    hopefully no major changes so I wont do all these mods and then have to trade it in :fingerscrossed:
  8. Alabama 2021 JLU soft top for Sale $900.00 obo

    partially my fault, we went through multiple different orders and had the hardtop box marked on one of them and then i guess it got removed on the final one. I should have been more diligent....but i will definitely check out the marketplace.
  9. Alabama Sold: 2021 JLU soft top for Sale $900.00 obo

    Just purchased a hard top and no longer need the standard soft top that came with it. It was taken off at around 2k miles and is practically brand new. It will come with all hardware, brackets and door surrounds. 900 obo