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  1. Spotted 2 JL and a JT EcoDiesel testing in Moab

    Well. The RAM 1500 including the Rebel is now out with EcoDiesel. How much harder is it to get the JL to pass same bar to make it in production?
  2. My Overland Rhino In Progress

    Very nice. Kids will love it as it develops into the overlander that it needs to be for your family lifestyle. One question, you mentioned that you had a raptor. May I ask what made you decide to switch from that to the Rubicon?
  3. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    What size tires are those?
  4. New 2019 JLUR Build in CA

    Love this color and the 37s with gold bead lock wheels compliments that aggressive look. Will you be installing the metal cloak yourself?
  5. ROAM JL Extended Capacity Fuel Tank

    interested for 4-door JL Rubicon
  6. Do you like the JL driver leather seat?

    I am 6'4" with long legs and spoiled with my BMW M5 seats that have contour support and the leg extension. I searched for seat replacements with that type of contour support was only able to find seats from carid website. although, the seats are super expensive, this is what I think I am...
  7. Northridge4x4 3.5" Rock Krawler Suspension Giveaway!

    Just got done submitting my email and following on Instagram.

    Looks great! The clearance on this thing is awesome. I assume you do a lot of rock crawling. How does the 4.5" lift holds on freeway MPG? and does it require frequent alignment or servicing suspension? just trying to get a sense of how practical is this lift for daily driving and in frequent...
  9. Pop-up Camper top for JL

    with the roof tent setup, will you be able to use your freedom tops at all?
  10. Turbo on every rubicon on dealer lot

    I have seen on some youtube videos that you can't relocate the big battery or even armor it and it sometimes in the way when you do suspension lifts. Is that the same understanding you have?
  11. Jeep Wrangler JL vs Lexus LX, Mercedes G-Class, Land Rover Discovery (Motortrend Comparison Review)

    While I have a lot of respect for the Rubicon off-road capabilities, as previous owner of LX and land cruisers, I can tell you Jeep's reliability can be questionable when you put it up against Toyota made vehicles. Just curious how many out there with JKs have had engine or transmission issues...
  12. Another white 19 JL Rubicon build

    You are all set to play. Enjoy and don't forget to share pics.
  13. Pop-up Camper top for JL

    Thanks a bunch. This is a great way to try it before you buy it. If I happen to pass by I will check them out. Please share pictures of your JL when you have it installed on it. That will make two of us soon :)
  14. Pop-up Camper top for JL

    Just thought I would share this video I found on YouTube of a serious overlanding Jeep with Ursaminor pop-up camper and few other items. The Jeep has AEV Bumpers, wheels and 2.5 lift with 35's I think, and the owner mentioned that his MPG is still between 14-16 even with all that weight.
  15. Pop-up Camper top for JL

    Thanks for sharing your experience. This is very helpful. Follow-up questions if I may: - How did it affect your MPG? - Do you have a lift on your jeep? - Is the area spacious enough for two adults? - Do you have any load on top of the camper? rack or solar panels? also do you mind sharing...
  16. Pop-up Camper top for JL

    Couldn't have said it better.
  17. Pop-up Camper top for JL

    I hear you. Judging from the video on SEMA the escape 365 from Cliff Ridge seems to have sufficient room for two adults.
  18. Pop-up Camper top for JL

    Thanks for looking into this. I am sure folks here will find your chart handy. Personally, I am planning on putting the factory Mopar bead wheels and lift with KO2 37s and my garage height will still be ok even with 10-15inch pop-up camper additional height.