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  1. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Just in love with this car and these colors, inside and out. Road trip to the Tetons...a little wobbly but lots of fun! More to come
  2. Post Your Cool Random JL pics. Pics. Pics, pics, pics!

    Enjoying the Tetons, just broken in!
  3. Meet n Greet?

    Interested! West LA
  4. Favorite Trails/Spots near Jackson Hole WY

    Hey all, Just picked up my JLUR last week and getting ready for a trip to Jackson Hole WY area from California in the next two weeks! Been dreaming about doing this trip with a Jeep in years. Do any of you all have any must-see trails or off road viewpoints in the Wyoming area/the Idaho side...
  5. Downsides to Removing Steel Bumper End Caps

    Thanks! Really love the look of yours, I appreciate the info. NY plate color looks great on your grey too. Agreed on the beefier look I noticed it right away. All things I must consider now It’s my first Wrangler and first 4x4 vehicle. Have only had sports cars before this. It’s only been a...
  6. Should I sell my JLUR for TRD Pro 4Runner?

    To people like us the color makes ALL the difference! That said, consider vinyl wrapping your Jeep to a color you love. Will probably cost you around $3-4K to have someone do it. Or consider some nice accents or stripes on your white one. Before I went with Sarge Green I was set on a white one...
  7. Should I sell my JLUR for TRD Pro 4Runner?

    Just took delivery of my JLUR and had a new 4Runner TRD Off Road for a week trip to Tahoe the week before. Love the look of the TRD pro, especially in that Army Green. It is admittedly less noisy than the Jeep and steering requires fewer corrections. Interior is more spacious, and nice to have...
  8. Frustrating Experience with Extreme Terrain (What's with the hype??)

    Blows my mind sometimes how a business can survive with such experiences. I keep seeing forum members here and there saying they will buy from extreme terrain even if the prices are a little higher due to their “awesome service” that supposedly we just missed out on?
  9. Downsides to Removing Steel Bumper End Caps

    Thanks everyone. All great points! Definitely looks better, that’s an awesome pic. I am still new to this, is that the standard steel bumper and rubicon fenders? What kind of bumper bar is that? If stock flares and bumper it must be the 38’s, looks so aggressive!
  10. Downsides to Removing Steel Bumper End Caps

    I really like the look of the Steel Bumper with endcaps removed, absolutely love how the tires are clearly exposed from the front. Seems like an easy way to make your JL look more aggressive, not to mention seemingly less obstruction for the wheels when off roading. The steel bumpers feel very...
  11. Frustrating Experience with Extreme Terrain (What's with the hype??)

    Update: So they finally credited me the difference. The last rep I spoke to, Andrew, acknowledged that I had spent over an hour on the phone, but didn't really have much to say other than sorry. It was very awkward, I do not plan to purchase from them again to avoid this mess again
  12. Frustrating Experience with Extreme Terrain (What's with the hype??)

    Hey all, For some reason do not have permission to post on Vendor Feedback so wanted to share my experience here and see if I just got unlucky with my first experience with them. Spent 1+ hours now on the phone going back and forth with customer service and being passed to...
  13. Wildomar OHV, Newb question--Need to Air Down?

    Great suggestion. Already took delivery and didn't end up having time to hit any trails, so will be ordering an air compressor and doing it the right way soon!
  14. SoCal—Good Experience w/Rob Trachtman

    Ordered my Sarge JLUR from @RobTrachtman 5/12 and glad I did. Most dealers in SoCal aren’t motivated to deal since the market is so hot here. Don’t even bother with any Los Angeles dealers. You can scour some dealers across the country and perhaps find a slightly better deal, but if you don’t...
  15. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Picked mine up today in San Juan Capistrano from Rob Trachtman! Smooth and honest transaction, ordered 5/12 and arrived sooner than expected considering all that’s been going on. This color far exceeded my expectations, pictures don’t do it justice. I can’t stop staring back at it every time I...
  16. Wildomar OHV, Newb question--Need to Air Down?

    Sadly looks like that road from Ortega Hwy to Santiago Peak is closed right now according to the National Forest site. Guess we will try Wildomar out then. Unfortunately didn't have time to get an air compressor so will just take it easy and see how it goes!
  17. Wildomar OHV, Newb question--Need to Air Down?

    Thanks for the insight! I will be doing my air compressor research ASAP and order! Wish I had done it sooner!
  18. Wildomar OHV, Newb question--Need to Air Down?

    Just checked it out on the map, looks great! Do you know how long roughly that trail takes from start to finish? By the way, our Jeeps are almost twins! Same combo!
  19. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Looks incredible! Congrats!! Super excited to pick mine up tomorrow, might have ordered from the same batch! Ordered mine May 8!
  20. Wildomar OHV, Newb question--Need to Air Down?

    Hey all, first post here and looking forward to meeting some of you all on future runs/meetups! I am picking up my JLUR from Rob in San Juan Capistrano this Friday and plan to go straight to Wildomar OHV with my friend in his TRD Pro. We are both fairly new to off roading, though from what I've...