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  1. Warranty Heads Up. Not Always Dealers Fault

    I’ll I have to say on this topic is LOL.
  2. Any 2 door regrets?

    more maneuverable. Less stable. Better break over angle.
  3. Keeping the 2 Doors Alive

    my guess is they just want to sell as many 4 doors as possible. As sells of 2 doors dwindle, they can say people didn’t want them anymore.
  4. Keeping the 2 Doors Alive

    im jealous. My 2 door was a Gecko JKR. Loved it.
  5. Keeping the 2 Doors Alive

    So, my first Jeep was a 2 JK Rubicon. I miss it all of the time. I absolutely loved that vehicle and for me a Jeep will always be a 2 door vehicle. The biggest issue with 2 door has always cargo space. Jeep fixed that for 2 yearswith the LJ. But when the JK came out, the behind second row...
  6. Colors being phased out?

    my opinion is that it will be very basic outside of Tuscadero. Production is still so screwed. I think they probably scrap a color that was planned.
  7. Colors being phased out?

    Gecko was super limited this time. But, yes there are certain colors usually the Skittles colors that come and go fast. Plus, they only happen once a model. So, if there is an unusual color you fall in love, buy it asap.
  8. Any 2 door regrets?

    I sold my 2 door JK Rubi when I got my 4 door. I've always regretted that decision.
  9. WTF? Missing carpet from factory?

    I’m no longer surprised at how far automakers will go to squeeze the absolute last drops from the lemon. Customer
  10. Gecko Green half doors not orderable?

    its one option I didn’t get 2x with my JKs. I’ve seen and tried a number Of the aftermarket options and they leave a ton to be desired.
  11. Limited Edition Color Question-Tuscadero

    if your wife is dead set on a color like Tuscadero, then order it ASAP. Jeep typically puts colors out like these once a model and typically for 6 months or less.
  12. Gecko Green half doors not orderable?

    well crap. good lord Jeep can be so friggin annoying.
  13. Gecko Green half doors not orderable?

    I'm talking to a dealer right now, and he is telling me that the system will not let him put an order for gecko green with half doors. Has anyone else had this problem?
  14. Metalcloak front driveshaft or Adams or ?

    Adams 100%. They do driveshafts. That's all they do.
  15. About to order with 3.6l etorque - anyone have one yet?

    where is the battery pack located on the 3.6 etorque? i know there was a briefcase sized one under the Jeep on the 2.0. assuming it's the same on the 3.6.
  16. Tried (and failed) negotiating on a Rubicon today...thoughts?

    join Treadlightly. never pay more than 1% under invoice. that's your walk away price. negotiate below that.
  17. Latest 2021 Jeep Wrangler JL and JLU Order Guides

    i had the same thought when i saw the announcements about Gecko. i regularly regret selling my Gecko JK.