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  1. Florida Roll Call!

    Morning Jeep family! I have a spare tire relocation bracket that I have had sitting in a box for about a year now. It’s never been used. It’s a shame to see it wasting its life in my garage, free to whoever what’s it.
  2. Half door upper bags?

    FWIW, I Had half doors on my Jk, loved them, just tossed them in the back honestly, used the aircraft windscreen cleaner on them and never had an issue with scratches or fading. Would love to get half doors again but man that window design…
  3. Mopar CAI kit installed on JL today. Feedback / review.

    Installed the kit today, not too bad of a job. Looking at others, my intake is a little lower, but that’s me nick picking. I’m happy with it! If your on the fence go for it, it’s a pretty cool mod.
  4. Go Rhino?

    Oof! Good to know, thanks for the heads up! Dave
  5. Go Rhino?

    Anybody running their SRM500? Thoughts?
  6. JCR Roof Rack Initial Bad Impression

    if you want a higher quality standard you have to find someone who is at least cares about ISO certification. Speaking from experience, manufacturing engineers are always being challenged to lean out the processes to save time and money; management will also cut service to cut costs and boost...
  7. JLRyder’s “Rocket” 2019 JLUS Granite Crystal Metallic

    So far so good no issues after a year plus. Can’t beat the price!
  8. Under Hood Heat and Aftermarket Hoods

    I have to believe that Jeep engineers considered the under hood heat when designing the JL and I’ve been working under a hood most of my life, but man I was totally surprised at how hot it was in there when I replaced my battery this week; I’m now convinced was cooked to a premature death (it...
  9. Teraflex HD Alpha tire carrier with reinforcement

    So the tailgate vents are just open to the elements?
  10. Minor issues growing in frequency

    Jeep or Ford it doesn’t really matter, what you have is something you intimately know for about, 3 yrs correct? To other posters point, you never know what you are going to buy, old or new, is going to be worth one of your hard earned pennies and not be a nightmare vehicle. Wait till it breaks...
  11. KC HiLites - Pictures / Videos Post Here!

    So I completed the KC upgrading of my stock headlights with a matching pair of the “4 gravity led fog light replacements. I was going to go amber but decided I wanted to throw more white since the daily use case didn’t include dust/fog so much. That said, I am very pleased with the results! The...
  12. Last LED Project

    I used solder sleeves and extended the wires on the resistors. Ran them outside of the fender area to right behind my front of my grill for heat reasons. So far no problem.
  13. Just got home from Bronco event...

    What trim were these?
  14. Stamped steel vs aluminum bumpers (pros and cons)

    Thanks! It’s a hodge podge of Rough country plate holder, rugged ridge third brake light for the factory light and Quadratec’s license plate light. But a miss on the rough country plate holder is that the holes snapped a couple months bouncing around back there. Seems the edge distance isn’t...
  15. Fist Look at Gecko JL Wrangler

    I think it looks great! Awesome choice 🍺
  16. Should I buy New or Used

    Man someone is making lemonade LoL. None of that occurred; seems they had trouble selling it because it was a stick. Took all the money I saved from my budget and made the Jeep the exact way I wanted it. All said and done (bumpers, wheels, lights, you name it) I’m still at 29k. All the best...
  17. 4.56 regear done with 6 speed manual

    The cost of the regear is getting into axle swap territory. 2.6k for gears on the stock set vs 4k for front and rear mopar rubicon axles that come with 4:10s, lockers and is just a better built axle. Guess if you add the cost of the little harness to power the lockers and the new wider tierod it...
  18. What Does This Mean

    FWP = invoice HB = dealer holdback ( What Is Dealer Holdback? on ) FFP = friend / family price for people connected to an EP-eligible employee EP = employee price (available to Fiat Chrysler employees, affiliated company employees, and immediate family of those employees)
  19. Should I buy New or Used

    CPO, all the way. You get an extension to the warranty and the depreciation is paid by someone else. Deals are out there, you just have to look and act as soon as they pop up. Here is mine: