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  1. Death Wobble Virginity, Gone

    Nope. All good.
  2. Death Wobble Virginity, Gone

    Do you still have all your original components? Maybe it makes sense to go back to stock and start over. The caster will help your steering/wander issue. There will always be a little bit of wander, these things don't have the steering precision of a Porsche 911. My installer was adamant...
  3. Death Wobble Virginity, Gone

    I'd be surprised if caster did anything to fix wobble. Mine is around 5.5 deg I believe for reference. How about your steering stabilizer? That's one other change I made. If your tires are in the same position as they were before the change (when you didn't have wobble), odds are low that...
  4. Gave myself death wobble!

    No, I purchased the basic Fox 2.0 stabilizer which cost ~$160.
  5. Gave myself death wobble!

    These Jeeps are so seems. I had a similar issue where everything was fine, rotated tires, and then enjoyed the wobble experience for the first time. In my case, the tires were way out of balance and the alignment was a little bit off. But once those issues were corrected, the...
  6. Need HELP

    Check the caster results from your alignment. I second (or third) the air pressure comment. 38PSI is too high. Try to make sure you are judging the steering issue on a smooth road. Any ruts on the road/highway will move your Jeep side to side.
  7. Any pics with Mopar bead lock with 35 x 12.5's w/ 2.5" lift?

    This should help...
  8. Steering Stabilizer - Which One?

    If you have a recall, get the stabilizer replaced by the dealership. I opted for the Fox 2.0 which is ~$150. For wandering steering, check your tire pressure and lower it if you're over 40 PSI.
  9. Death Wobble Virginity, Gone

    I can confirm after driving over the weekend that the wobble is 100% gone. Zero vibration in the steering wheel. It's actually a pleasure to drive again.
  10. Death Wobble Virginity, Gone

    ^^^ A lot to digest there... Let me get this thread back on topic. Just got my Jeep back and so far, it already feels 1000x better. The front wheels were way out of balance (10oz off on the right side) so all the wheels were reset and balanced properly. The Fox SS is also on, so that didn't...
  11. Death Wobble Virginity, Gone

    Thanks. This is extremely helpful advice. The dealership said they couldn't get to my recall replacement until March, so I hung up the phone. I already have a Fox SS so will put that on first and then check the tire balance/alignment. But I may end up with the steersmarts setup in the not...
  12. Death Wobble Virginity, Gone

    Took the Jeep in for oil service and tire rotation. They inflated my tires back up to 37psi. I did not have the wobble before this. I've taken the air pressure back down, but not able to get rid of the wobble -- which happens at ~45MPH, hitting a bump. I know there are a million posts...
  13. Death Wobble looking for fix

    I have almost the same exact setup (Mopar lift, 37s, Mopar bead locks). Recently (at ~7000miles) I've started noticing the bump wobble under certain conditions as well. Keenly interested to follow along as you solve the issue.
  14. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Thanks. Rock Slide Engineering. I got them more for the utility of the slider/step, than the look.
  15. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    Top 35" KM3s no lift Middle 35" KM3s w/ Mopar Lift Bottom 37" KM3s w/ Mopar Lift
  16. Electric hoist for hardtop with a rack

    +1. This system works very well. Do some searching and you’ll find a lot of good info on installation.
  17. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Thanks! 15 in the front and 30 around the back over factory tint to match. Ceramic Tint.
  18. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Recently upgraded my tires from 35” to 37” after I installed the Mopar lift.
  19. Dynatrac EnduroSport 2" lift - also fixed my steering issues!

    The Mopar kit has springs designed for each side of the Jeep -- I believe to compensate for the weight of the fuel tank (and other differences). So you won't get any "lean" with the Mopar kit. The other kits typically use the same spring for left/right side installation.
  20. Mopar or Dynatrac 2" Lift

    The future came faster then expected. Updated now with 37" KM3s.