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  1. Nebraska to California and back road/camping trip (completed w/pics!)

    We actually just slept in the front seats. Not enough room in the back of a 2 door really. Fell asleep ok, but woke up way too early feeling really uncomfortable. Definitely not the best rest.
  2. Third trip to Moab, the disease has fully taken control of our bodies...

    Great pics. Still haven't been to Moab yet! Had a trip planned this year, but COVID postponed it. Hopefully we can get out there next year.
  3. Nebraska to California and back road/camping trip (completed w/pics!)

    Finally posting some pictures below from our trip and a rundown of our journey. Day 1: Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming What a beautiful place! We checked out one of the campgrounds near Centennial, and they were only about 25% full, so we had our pick of some pretty decent spots. By the...
  4. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    I've always wanted a Wrangler ever since I was a kid, and I finally got one a little over a year ago. I have been exceedingly happy since day 1, and have had so many fun adventures in just the 1st year. I've driven my Jeep through 8 different states doing road trips, camping, exploration, and...
  5. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    Love this pic. I love my Ocean Blue, but honestly depending on the day, I wish I had the Bright White color. The contrast of the black and white always look really good together IMO. Also, are those the Mopar LED light mounts on the front there? My Jeep has the AUX package and I have been...
  6. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    Wow. I just watched the reveal along with a few other third party videos and I gotta say that the new Bronco looks pretty impressive... IF the base models still actually look good. However, the 'computer enhanced images' are painfully obvious. Many parts looks super fake. I want to see normal...
  7. Nebraska to California and back road/camping trip (completed w/pics!)

    A friend is having a wedding in California next weekend and I opted to drive and use the opportunity to stop at a few places on the way there and on the way back as well. Still finalizing the plans, but so far the plan is to take the north route (I-80) on the way there (through Wyoming) and...
  8. Anyone have experience with Moab BLM campsites?

    Well, Grand County Utah restricted the use of all lodging (including all campgrounds) to non-locals right before our trip, so unfortunately we were not able to go. Assuming all of this nonsense is over with by the Fall, we plan on trying again in October or November of this year.
  9. Stock Sport to winch equipped for $500

    Hey, sorry for the late reply. Fouts basically described things in the post above. There are 2 brackets (left and right) that mount to the sides of the frame (2 bolts on each bracket). Then, the winch plate itself mounts to the brackets with 2 bolts each. So altogether, 6 bolts total. So in...
  10. Anyone have experience with Moab BLM campsites?

    I am planning a trip to Moab the week of March 30th, and all the campsites that accept reservations are all full, except for a few of the commercial campsites in town which I would like to avoid. I see that there are quite a few BLM campsites spread out around the highways there and they are all...
  11. Front bumper bolts

    I know this is an old thread but just in case this helps anyone out while searching... I just got done mounting an aftermarket winch plate and the bolts used for the frame rails where the winch plate mounts to are M10x1.5 grade 10.9.
  12. Stock Sport to winch equipped for $500

    Hey all, after looking at bumpers and winches for what seems like months, I finally took the plunge on what was an unexpectedly cheap combo: Rock Hard 4x4 winch plate - $180 Traveller 9k winch - $300...
  13. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    Really awesome photo. Mind sharing your camera settings for this shot? How long was the exposure?
  14. Wrangler Sport vs. Tacoma TRD Off Road

    My last vehicle was a TRD Off Road. I currently have a Wrangler JL Sport and absolutely freaking love it, but admittedly the off road performance in terms of ride quality was much better in my TRD Off Road. I could drive on bumpy roads much faster in my Tacoma than I can in my Wrangler. My...
  15. ARB on-board air compressor mount/install?

    Has anyone seen any guides or videos on installing the on-board ARB compressor (the single one) inside the engine bay? I have the 2.0 engine if that matters at all. I also do have the AUX switch package so that should make install a lot easier as well...
  16. 40'S on your JL

    Hahaha, that's not rock crawling... that's rock hoppin!
  17. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    Jeeze this thread is still going? LOL! I freaking love my turbo!
  18. Recently installed - 33" BFG KO2 on stock sport 2 door

    I agree about the LSD option. Mine actually has the LSD but didn't come with the AT tires. It is kind of a weird situation. The build sheet says LSD with AT tires, but it is also the base Sport model with the steel wheels. The original dealer pictures also showed the steelies with ATs. When I...
  19. Recently installed - 33" BFG KO2 on stock sport 2 door

    Didn't reprogram but probably won't since the size didn't change much. I used a compatison calculator so I can just manually account for the difference when I'm on the road. Won't be 100% accurate, but even at highway speeds it's only a 2-3 MPH difference so I'm not really too worried about it.