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  1. Trans Temp

    Ok so, dealer is still not willing to help at all. They ran an idle test next to a gladiator and said they were both the same temps. After some digging, I learned there are lines carrying engine coolant to the trans, for the purpose of helping heat it up. So an idle test will eventually end up...
  2. Auto Transmission Coolers

    How were you able to speak to a Jeep engineer? My trans is hitting 230 on flat roads, and after stopping and letting the fan run for 30 minutes the temp will only go down to 220 or so. I've scanned the coolant lines and they're both hot, and get colder as the near the trans cooler, and the trans...
  3. Transmission cooling issue, need help with dealer

    2018 JLUR, all stock except 35" Nitto Ridge Grapplers. During a normal drive, transmission temp will climb to 224-230. It's slow to heat up, and slower to cool down. Engine coolant temp averages 190-200, and will rapidly increase and decrease with RPM, seems normal for the coolant, but not so...
  4. Trans Temp

  5. Trans Temp

    Mine hits 237 in 2H just pulling my jetski trailer. Only changes I've made are 35s, still 4.10 gears. Had the 35's for like 2 months no issues, then the other day just driving around town for about 45 minutes I heard the cooling fan on full blast, like it used to do on max AC before the software...
  6. Hot Transmission

    Waiting to see how this turns out for you. I took mine to the dealership today and they said it was normal, even though I know my temps are high. If I start the Jeep and just let it idle, the trans temp will sit around 203. If I drive for 30 minutes or so, it will be between 212 to 224. If I...
  7. Texas JLUR Front Bumper

    Oliver, PA 15472
  8. Texas JLUR Front Bumper

    Any scratches? Will you ship at my expense?
  9. Factory installed aux wires mixed up and pushed through firewall

    So I went to use my aux wires under the passenger foot well to wire up a dash cam. I planned on using the orange ignition wire. After a bit of trial and error I discovered that the orange wire was incorrectly hooked up to aux 3. I haven't tested the orange-purple wire but I'm guessing they...
  10. My rottweiler chewed up my fender, repair options?

    Not gonna happen, the dog is one of my best looking mods. Not bad but a little pricey.
  11. My rottweiler chewed up my fender, repair options?

    That site lists the same fender flare as fitting both rubicon and non-rubicon, which doesn't seem right. How can I be sure i'm getting the rubicon fender?
  12. My rottweiler chewed up my fender, repair options?

    So my rottie usually takes naps in the shade from my jeep but she's never tried messing with it before. I let her out for a bit this morning and came back to this. She also chewed off one of the plastic hinge covers, but I have replacements for those. There are like 2 deep scratches in the...
  13. Rusted lug nuts/lock

    And if I buy better ones, and this happens again after my next rotation, then what? Are they putting them back on wrong? Using an air wrench maybe?
  14. Rusted lug nuts/lock

    I noticed today on my spare, the lug nut lock had a bad rust streak. I went around and checked the other wheels and most of them had 1 or 2 lug nuts with rust. I've only had one tire rotation done, by the dealer. Is this something that just happens? Should I call the dealer and ask for a new...
  15. What is the top speed?

    2018 JLUR stock, had it at 101, really hard to get it past 100, took a few second of pedal masged to hit 101.
  16. What bumper is this?

    Inb4 all the hate replies
  17. Mopar cargo mats unsnapping

    Same. Mine stay snapped now but 1 will pop off every so often when raising the seat up.
  18. Mopar cargo mats unsnapping

    I went to walmart and bought these: Used both at the same time to pry them off. Had to do it from the backside, seemed to work better that way. Each piece has 3 clips that hold them together. Of the 5 that needed removed, 2 of...
  19. Mopar cargo mats unsnapping

    Watched a few other videos and looked at pictures of the clips, I guess he DIDN'T install the seat clips backwards, that's just how they look. Kind of weird that those ones have the slots in that position, but the gap hider needs them the other way. Easy to mix up. Still trying to figure out...