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  1. Where are people buying tires and wheels?

    Oddly enough the best price for tires was simpletire via amazon (in February) and i bought rocktrix wheels from Amazon. I mounted/balanced myself, so take that into consideration on total cost
  2. Anyone running the Milestar Patagonia M/T tire?

    I picked up 5each 315/70/17 for $165each. That was a good enough deal to try them. Im usually a tire brand snob. Had them on about 900 miles. Running at 30psi. I was really surprised that i didn't have to balance them. They are quieter than expected too. No experience offroad yet
  3. Lets Discuss Balance Beads

    Wow, thank you. Thats well written with great information. I think i will check balance of the wheels first, and mount tires and check balance. And add beads as necessary. These are cheap tires, so i dont have high expectations, but want to get the balance as good as possible Ive pretty...
  4. Lets Discuss Balance Beads

    I have some new 17x9 rocktrix wheels and 315-70-17 patagonia mts to mount up. I'm trying to decide on balance beads or stickon weights. I used airsoft beads in my YJ which had 37 military tires, dana60s, etc. and that setup seemed to work okay, but I never really drove that jeep over...
  5. Body shop did more damage to my Jeep*

    This is what they should have done. I dont think it would be too difficult at this point for them to mask off the door and prep and paint just the hinge now
  6. Sting-Gray vs other colors, showing scratches?

    white hides scratches really well, obviously because most scratches in the clearcoat appear to be white
  7. When You're in a "Mixed Marriage"

    Im perhaps OCD. I always clear all of the snow from the concrete
  8. 2020 Recon break in tune from the factory?

    Dont you have a mute button directly below the volume knob?
  9. Installed Dynomax Muffler Delete

    I installed the dynomax muffler delete pipe about a month ago. I love the sound EXCEPT for the drone between 2,000 and 2,500 rpm. I'm thinking about installing a resonator tip that I saw earlier in this thread. However, I recently noticed that Gladiators have a small resonator at the end of...
  10. Quadratec JL Super Tweeter ???

    If you get them post up your thoughts. I've been considering putting just tweeters in the dash also, you can get a pair of silk dome tweeters with bass blockers for under $50 and make your own plate to mount them. if you dont want to spend over $100
  11. Long term frame protection

    I sprayed mine with Woolwax. inside and outside of the frame
  12. 2021 Wrangler Dates: Order Acceptance and Start of Production

    Yeah, so my local dealer is trying to talk me in to ordering 2020 to get it sooner, and im just confused based on the info here
  13. 2021 Wrangler Dates: Order Acceptance and Start of Production

    can anyone confirm that 2020 Orders are in-fact closed? Or are they still taking 2020 orders?
  14. Back at it. Price check

    They keep pulling the BS that if i use my own financing i have to pay 1500 more. Their rates are over 6% for people with top tier credit. No way
  15. Back at it. Price check

    Rate this deal: Unlimited Willys Sport (manual windows) v6, auto, hard top. Msrp $39,230. Currently at 34,867 +ttl. Decent deal? Not sure on invoice price (36,995?). I feel like its a good deal and im going to pull the trigger
  16. 2021 Wrangler Dates: Order Acceptance and Start of Production

    Will factory ordering open back up on monday (for MY2020)? My dealer told me 2 weeks ago that he couldn't put in an order for me because it was closed.
  17. Prices Dropping? Online builder Changes

    The website has been buggy for me. The prices are all over the place. For some reason i still cant option a willys sport unltd with the 4cyl
  18. Prices Dropping? Online builder Changes

    Unlimites Sport and unltd willys sport is where i saw it
  19. Prices Dropping? Online builder Changes

    The online builder is missing some options... most notable the 4 cylinder can no longer be selected. It also looks like the prices are coming down
  20. Willys sport or Willys

    and it gets the bigger rear axle 220mm with "antispin"