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  1. Please HELP! Soft top issue?

    Those look like they are separating. Mine are much tighter, there is no visible opening on the seam. There are some bolts on the face of the brackets, can you tighten them down? Maybe put the top all the way down first.
  2. Please HELP! Soft top issue?

    Hey so sadly I am in the same boat. I think I can manage what you are suggesting, but its like the locked side wont move at all. So basically I dont think I can throw the soft top on. Once you got the unlocked side in and screwed down by brute strength, and put it in the locked position, you...
  3. Soft top issue JLU

    So I pulled my soft top off for the summer last weekend, everything was going smoothly, and then when I got the screws out of the mounting brackets (not sure of the part name here, but the large part on the lower arms that you fit into the brackets and then use 2 screws per side with the locking...
  4. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    So it took me about 2 months to really adjust. I felt the same way, coming from a 2015 Sahara Unlimited. In my Rubi, I am all over the damn place. Its much smoother though, once you get the feel down.