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  1. Tire Shop says that a stock Rubicon can't fit 35s

    I have 35's with no lift and everything works just fine. The tires are 12.5" wide, which is a bit wider than recommended for the stock rims, but I haven't had an issue. Even when aired down significantly. I do get a bit of rubbing on the factory liners in the rear at full flex, but it's nothing...
  2. ThinSkinz - New Satin Finish!!!

    I assume that you want to offer both versions still, and therefore can't change the surface finish of your mold?
  3. Let's talk winches folks

    YOU are giving people a false sense of safety and security by not knowing what you're talking about. Firstly, of course WARN is going to say there are advantages to both; They sell both. Steel cable is durable, and that has it's place. But I would never recommend it to someone with very little...
  4. Let's talk winches folks

    Whatever you do, do not get a steel cable winch. When a steel cable snaps, they're likely to kill people. Putting a blanket over the line does absolutely nothing to dampen the forces at play here. Spend the extra money and get the synthetic lines. Synthetic can snap too, but the chances of...
  5. Alternative to Mopar Oversized Spare Tire Carrier Modification Kit

    If you're not concerned about the weight of the tire on your tailgate hinges, you can save some money by going with a tire spacer rather than a whole tailgate system. I highly recommend the Teraflex relocation brackets...
  6. Giveaway!!! KC all NEW Cyclone V2 LED 6-Light ROCK LIGHT KIT

    Statistically speaking, 80 is the most commonly chosen number at random.
  7. POTUS Drives a 4xE

    Joe Biden drives a 4xE during a speech to push electric vehicles. There's plenty of PHEV's and true BEV's on the market, but he choose the Jeep, and that's what really counts. Don't make this political.
  8. Clutch recall and fix question

    Digging up an old thread here rather than start a new one. I have a 2018 (very early build, for a 2 door) manual Rubi. I got the letter for the recall about a month ago. I'm not new to clutch issues, I've been complaining to my dealer about the clutch vibration (Relevant thread) since day one...
  9. Anyone use Anvil Overland full width dash bar mount system?

    Anvil Overland, not Anvil Offroad. Both exist, Anvil Offroad doesn't seem to have a clear understanding of what they're trying to be. But I did find the Overland dash mount, it looks pretty cool. I like that you can mount...
  10. Am I missing transmission mount nuts?

    For the person reading this thread 3 years from now, the Mopar part number for the nuts is 6510210AA. These are M14 x 2.00 nuts. In a pinch you can find them at Home Depot, they didn't have any at AutoZone. I'm getting the Mopar ones, but the home Depot ones will work until then.
  11. Am I missing transmission mount nuts?

    Does anyone know the torque spec?
  12. Am I missing transmission mount nuts?

    Thanks guys, I had a feeling that would be the answer. Like I said, I have an engine skid plate that normally covers these bolts. I have no idea how long they've been gone, but I don't even see any clean spots on the threads where they used to be. I have had some work done to the transmission...
  13. Am I missing transmission mount nuts?

    Was doing some work under the Jeep when I noticed 3 bolts coming out from under the transmission cross member. The nut on the right (driver) is loose, and the two on the left are completely missing. These bolts are clearly going to the transmission/transfer case mount, and I'm concerned that...
  14. What is this connector?

    That's for the Turbo Encabulator. Yours must be missing, I would take it back to the dealer.
  15. Winch with stock steel bumper?

    You have to remove the stock bumper, install the winch plate (and winch), and then install the bumper again. None of this is difficult, and there are plenty of tutorials available. The Warn winch plate and the Maximus 3 winch plate seem to be the most popular options, but there are others...
  16. Metalcloak rear bumpers for JL?

    I just installed my MetalCloak narrow width rear bumper. I love the way the bumper looks, and it feels incredibly solid. I ripped off my stock plastic bumper in Moab, and took some body damage from the bumper crashing into the quarter panel. I have no more concerns about body damage with the new...
  17. ARB Compressors and AUX Switches

    But what about the small black wire bundled with the purple? Everyone says purple to Aux, which I get, but I haven't found anything on that black wire
  18. Rear cargo panel drivers side retainer / clip?

    Looks like it's this one: From what...