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  1. Hardtop Cracks

    I was at a Jeep event recently and saw these cracks on 7 other JLs. Some JLU, some 2-door. 2018-2021. Some had roof racks, some not. No signs of impact damage. Some owners weren’t aware of it, some were. One that was cracked had 1600 miles on it. There is a seam on the inside that is probably...
  2. Rear Passenger Window Vandalized

    Hi, Aomather -- Sorry for the delay in response! We were camping -- no cell service. I spoke to my husband about the install (he's working today) -- he told me that the installation was pretty straightforward. He watched a few youtube videos (I can vouch for that ;)), and he wanted you to know...
  3. Rear Passenger Window Vandalized

    V. cool! How nice it would be to leave the tops off when we go for a hike or something. Thank you!
  4. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Wasser wife here. We joined a bit ago, and Wasser lurks, reading for fun and learning. We're on our 2nd Wrangler -- both have been my daily drivers. The first was a surprise from the Hubster. I admit, he was persuasive when he wanted to get the JL, and though I fought it initially because it...
  5. Rear Passenger Window Vandalized

    The good news is that I tracked down a part number from a dealership in Cerritos whose parts department is...wait for on Sundays! Said dealership is hours away from me, but I needed to take action. Wasser is quite handy, and took the door apart this morning to clean out the glass and...
  6. Rear Passenger Window Vandalized

    :rock: Absolutely thought of that last night, but it isn't feasible for days when we ski and leave it with a trailer in the lot. The launch areas aren't usually manned at all and sketch people often hang out near the river. Someone would steal our parks pass. :swear: Frankly, if I was driving...
  7. Rear Passenger Window Vandalized

    There was a community peace officer sitting in a city police car down the street, blocking traffic due to a huge tree down from the heavy winds yesterday. I stopped and let him know, just in case there were other reports of vandalism last night. You couldn't see anything, and they didn't take...
  8. Stop Sale Order?

    Wow, I’m so bitter about my window being broken, I’m jut not paying any type of attention around here. :angry:
  9. Stop Sale Order?

    ...and then there’s this:
  10. Rear Passenger Window Vandalized

    They smashed and ran. You can’t see *anything* through the windows unless the sun is directly hitting them, and this was almost 6:00 pm. The JL is a little beefy and draws attention, and in retrospect, I think I saw the little darlings who did this as I drove into the parking lot. It was a few...
  11. Rear Passenger Window Vandalized

    Honestly, I haven’t yet called because of the time it took to clean up all the glass, but have lurked here and saw a post with a $650 price tag w/o insurance. Good luck w/the windshield! Been watching my w/s crack travel in unexpected directions for the last couple of months. ;)
  12. Rear Passenger Window Vandalized

    His was the rear cargo area window, I believe, and the tape job was stellar. Fingers crossed I don’t have to wait as long as him. (And, yes, that’s the thread I was referencing above . :LOL:Unhelpful people are unhelpful.) :please:Thanks for the luck! Doing some more internet prowling today.
  13. Rear Passenger Window Vandalized

    Okay, I was in a proper foul mood before reading this. Stop making me laugh. :LOL: Also, kids.
  14. Stop Sale Order? Found this after a quick search of the Google. Could have expanded the recall?
  15. Rear Passenger Window Vandalized

    6.10.19 UPDATE: Got the window from a more-or-less local dealership this morning, and my husband will be installing soon -- most likely tonight when he gets home from work. Price is about $115 before tax. Part number is 68282713AB. You guys have all been so great, and I thank you much...