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  1. Jeep Wrangler 4xe Dominates the Sixth Rebelle Rally

    This is really cool. Sounds like a lot of fun, and a good test of a team and the vehicle. Says a lot for Jeep, Wrangler, 4xe and the Hurricane Turbo 2.0L four, even though the press didn't say much it is a test of the engine in all the vehicles entered as well.
  2. Bronco Addition Pricing

    Another little marketing game Ford is playing, and I know others have also done it a diff. times, but maybe not on the scale Ford is doing it with the Bronco. They are making most dealerships, if not all have someone drive the fricken Bronco around, take it home, letting people use it as a loner...
  3. For Those Who Change Their Own Oil

    Seriously dude. I quoted you what the owners manual stated. And if you read the post I honestly did not know how it works, that would be the question I asked with the question mark. Learn how to read and comprehend before you get your pantys in a wad. Sorry OP, no intention of hijacking your...
  4. For Those Who Change Their Own Oil

    The OEM doesn't list a requirement it lists a "Mopar we recommend" that meets specific material standards or equivalent which they "recommend" the use of a full synthetic So, from what you are saying they would have put full synthetic in? And they could have. For the v6 they recommend...
  5. For Those Who Change Their Own Oil

    Not sure what that means, but whoever puts the fricken oil in the thing before you take delivery it's not to my knowledge full synthetic, was the point.
  6. Is this even a stock Jeep color?

    It doesn't scream girl jeep to me, it screams something else you will find a lot in Key West.
  7. For Those Who Change Their Own Oil

    I was going to post up my oil change today. LOL. Can just add it here I guess. As stated by others I use a 12 quart oil catch pan. I prefer the bigger container, less chance of missing, and I don't have to worry about taking it and draining it right away if I don't want. I can wait until the...
  8. New (to me) Ride

    Hey another Fla Jeeper, I am on the coast, Cocoa. Enjoy and congratulations.
  9. My Jeep has "progressed to body vendor". What does that mean? Just looking for a definition

    You should be able to do a live chat, on the Mopar site. Their pretty good in my experience.
  10. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Added this tire cover today, birthday gift from the daughter.
  11. 2.0 or 3.6? Canceling diesel build

    It's a loosing battle dud, he can't even tell the diff. when he puts his foot in one versus the other.
  12. Allure of the BOH trails (opinion)

    Drytellsr, sounds like you got a good plan. I actually booked this trip before I bought my jeep. Hindsight 2020 deal. We are staying in Maggy Valley NC. There were 2 places I was looking at going. The first was Windrock and the 2nd was Gulches in SC. Looking at the mileage, Windrock is 125...
  13. Stupid jeep girl questions & humor

    They make these. I wonder if they extend out just far enough to make it usable for you? Different colors to👍
  14. Allure of the BOH trails (opinion)

    Drytellsr, nice. I will try to put a post on here on the day we are going to try and head that way. Looking forward to it.
  15. 2.0 or 3.6? Canceling diesel build

    WOW, Sometimes you just can't get through to people, their going to stick with it no matter what. Torque, horsepower, Bla, Bla, Bla. It's not rocket science, you don't need a PHD or an engineering degree. All you need to do is drive both and decide which one you like best. Obviously some people...
  16. Allure of the BOH trails (opinion)

    Zandcwhite, agreed. I guess I didn't read the first part of the post. Why the HELL would you say you ran a trail when you didn't. Some peoples kids. The thought never crossed my mind. I want to run them for the adventure, being outside with mother nature, my wife and enjoying this country God...
  17. Allure of the BOH trails (opinion)

    This is my first Wrangler and I love it, and the thought of doing nothing but traveling around and doing trails is in my thoughts every day. (Even though it's still a ways off.) I think the BOH program is very cool, something that Jeep does not have to do that just sets Jeep apart. Wife and I...
  18. Received the grab handles today.

    Really. Lol. Could be. I thought I looked at the instructions ( that aren't very clear) thanks I will check it out. You could also be right in that it may not matter.
  19. Received the grab handles today.

    Got my grab handles today. So far so good. Quality seems to be there, good stitches, no scratches on the army green handles. I think they will be just fine. Mostly for the wife anyway, but it will give me something to hang onto whenever I feel the need. I got these because reviews said they...
  20. Diesel or gasser?

    Personally I have had 3 diesels. The new ones in MHO are emission to death, maintenance is more, def fluid etc. Yes they make good power and torque, and they get good milage. However it is somewhat offset by considerably higher fuel cost. Now days longevity isn't really that big of concern...