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  1. FS: Cool Tech JL Light Wiring Harness

    Sorry for the delay. Forget to check on the site since we traded the Jeep. Responded to your PM. Thanks.
  2. FS: Cool Tech JL Light Wiring Harness

    Anyone interested at $75? Message me if so. Thanks.
  3. FS: Cool Tech JL Light Wiring Harness

    Dropped price to $95
  4. Sold: FS: Cool Tech JL Light Wiring Harness

    SOLD Light wiring towing harness for the new JL model jeeps. This one still new in box and unused. You would use it when setting up for flat towing. Asking $95 shipped in cont US. Here is mfg website for more info.
  5. Rubicon vs. Sport S

    If I could only have one or the other, I’d take the limited slip rear with front winch over the two factory lockers any day. The lockers have value but are not the end all be all of recovery. Used in some situations they just get you deeper into the problem as noted. But you described using it...
  6. Drawbacks of mounting a heavy winch up front?

    Warn m8000s and rock hard aluminum mid width bumper and no noticeable sag here on sport with rubicon suspension.
  7. Rubicon vs sport suspension height?

    No clue but they appear to be the same.
  8. Granite Crystal Wheels

    No issues. Fit just fine. No camera issues.
  9. 33's on a Sport/Sahara?

    We changed the springs, shocks and lower control arms. The sway links looked to be the same so we didn’t change them and I saved them for spare parts. I don’t think the lower control arms were any different either but we changed just in case. Over all I like the increase in height for the 33”...
  10. How to remove tow hooks?

    Front ones are a pain to get off as they are buried instead do the bumper (at least they are on the sport). Have to take the entire front bumper apart to get them out. Difference in mine from that video above is there were clips holding the inner metal plate on the tow hook bolts. I had to cut...
  11. New car smell?

    Ours is my wife’s and we’ve had it for a few months now. Got in it to run get coffee this morning and was amazed how it still smelled New Car Smell.
  12. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    Look again. Lighted bolts. There is an installation guide link on that website I linked that shows them.
  13. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    This seems like a nice approach for a rear bumper with lighted license plate bracket that also supports rear sensors
  14. CB Antenna Mount Needed!

    Understood. I have no horse in the race as I don’t have one or an alternative plan. Just pointing out it wasn’t pure bracket cost.
  15. CB Antenna Mount Needed!

    You realize that price includes a FireWire cable and fire stick antenna too, right? I didn’t price those two items out but I’m guessing by the time you ordered them it makes the price very reasonable. Maybe I’m wrong.
  16. Fender flare blew off

    Unless the holes on the fender for the plastic clips were broken or the sheet metal had some sort of issue I sure wouldn’t go to the dealer over this. Remove those clips in the metal and put them back in the fender and push that sucker back on. If any of those clips are broken take one to the...
  17. Rubicon vs sport suspension height?

    Good point and I don’t know if that’s the case or not. More people with various configurations would have to be willing to post the codes from their springs stickers to figure it out. Personally I’d be surprised if hard top and soft top got different spring packages as that would complicate the...
  18. RV Towing wiring Harness

    Yes you did. Got my email over the weekend. Kit should be here this week per tracking. Thanks for being awesome!
  19. Can anyone identify this loose bolt I found? ($ reward)

    Could just be an extra screw in the box. I get them with things from time to time and it drives me nuts too trying to pin down if it was supposed to go somewhere.
  20. Rubicon vs sport suspension height?

    Couldn’t find anyone with alignment specs. Realize it’s mainly just the toe setting but regardless no one had the JL specs yet. Didn’t try the dealer though.