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  1. Please HELP! Soft top issue?

    Just had the same issue today and now have a slightly bend bar because i was pushing top forward and it wouldn't go , the mechanism is junk now i was told to bring to dealership so they can look at it and fill out a warranty claim... Anyone else have any luck?
  2. 3.6 vs 2.0

    The wife has a 3.6 manual Willy's 2016 loves it and I love driving it to and now we also have the 2020 2.0 Willy's and love the way it handles
  3. 3.6 vs 2.0

    I just picked up my 2020 JLU Willy's that I order and I got it with the 2.0 and enjoy the way it drives , the 3.6 without the manual is a horrible and sluggish but the 3.6 with manual is very very fun to drive .. they need to offer manual in all variations