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  1. Aftermarket blow off valve?

    Hey bro the turbo needs to be under load , so u should put it in drive and hold the break down and rev it
  2. Aftermarket blow off valve?

    I believe it’ll sound similar to the focus st with the same bov here’s a link
  3. Aftermarket blow off valve?

    Quick and simple “ DIY BOV” mod video for anyone who finds it complicated looking at the other links and diagrams that are floating around the forums ..
  4. Aftermarket blow off valve?

    Turbos should be herd! Lol Sounds great man!
  5. Aftermarket blow off valve? Hey bro I just used this thread above and my friend and I did it at his shop any plug that fits will work , we went to the a hardware plumbing store and found one that fits, yep!
  6. Aftermarket blow off valve?

    The more load the turbo is under and just the right amount of pressure will create a better sound , id take a bov any day but since they won’t make any in the near future I guess this is the best 2.0 owners will get , I bet with an intake it’ll sound even better , I got this idea from the above...
  7. Aftermarket blow off valve?

    Please excuse the poor sound quality of my phone , it doesnt do the video justice.. but here we go ..
  8. Aftermarket blow off valve?

    I’ll do some drive by sounds and engine bay shots if anyone is interested
  9. Aftermarket blow off valve?

    It’s been 3 months and no issues
  10. Aftermarket blow off valve?

    I did the mod on my jl and it sounds amazing lol for $5 or so u can’t go wrong Excuse my excitement lol
  11. New York SOLD!! 2019 Jeep Wrangler take offs nyc $1000

    Selling my rubicon take offs Rims are mint wheels have decent amount of meat left , sensors included located in college point queens 11356
  12. Squeaking Brakes Anyone?

    I have 12,000 miles on my 2018 wrangler jl And when I press the brakes to make a sudden stop at slow speeds sounds like heavy creaking u would hear from an old car , in reverse it makes no noise and when I press brakes softly it’s fine but sudden stops or a heavy stop - not a retarded pound the...
  13. I keep getting a check engine light ...

    Nah didn’t clear it man , just checked it to make sure it was the same one I got the first time , but looks like they used it against me for letting them know what code it was going there
  14. I keep getting a check engine light ...

    They’re definitely being shady , but next time it pops up I’m gonna come in no fucks given and directly to the owner, I’m surprised this code isn’t more widespread with the 2.0s
  15. I keep getting a check engine light ...

    Can I take it another dealer or transfer dealerships ?
  16. I keep getting a check engine light ...

    I had it with me and told him , this is fucked up he was like yaaa I hear ya just come back if it comes on ? Lol wtf ..
  17. I keep getting a check engine light ...

    Not sure how I even move forward next time the code comes back on .. anyone else have this issue with their 2.0 ?
  18. I keep getting a check engine light ...

    So after 5 days of holding the car they have basically cleared the code and then stated they don’t even have that code in their system basically