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  1. New York (5) 315/70/17 BFG KO2 C rated tires

    Bump, open to offers 👀
  2. New York (5) 315/70/17 BFG KO2 C rated tires

    Testing the waters , thinking about upgrading to 37s. 4 of the tires have approximately 22k mall crawler miles on them. spare is brand new 0miles. No plugs or repairs. $850 OBO. Located in NYC/Northwestern CT
  3. New York Mopar Lift and EVO BOOST 2.5

    I have up for sale a mopar 2” lift kit ($600 OBO) minus the LCAs with about 19k and a EVO MFG BOOST 2.5 spacer lift with evo shock relocation brackets and EVO control arm drop brackets ($400 OBO) Located in NYC and Northwest CT/Brewster Area. Need this stuff out of my garage ASAP
  4. New York Mopar 2" Lift, EVO BOOST LIFT, Rubicon Rock rails and more

    Looking to offload some parts located in NYC area , also northwest Connecticut/Brewster area. Prices are negotiable, not really looking to ship but open to shipping on buyers dime for certain items. Rubicon rock rails -$150 PENDING Rubicon fenders with LED and liners - $350 SOLD Smittybuilt...
  5. How deep is too deep to water ford with factory air intake?

    Speaking from experience I went through about 3 feet of water and I was perfectly fine with 2” mopar lift and 35’s , a rule of thumb would be water up to the bottom of the headlights max
  6. New York WTB: Mopar Rubicon Steel front bumper

    do you have the stock plastic bumper , possibly for sale ?
  7. New York WTB Sahara or Rubicon plastic bumper

    Yeah I love my steel bumper , definitely not giving the dealer a freebie
  8. New York WTB Sahara or Rubicon plastic bumper

    No , I’m just trading in my current for a new one and don’t want to give them my steel bumper lol
  9. New York WTB Sahara or Rubicon plastic bumper

    Looking for Sahara or rubicon stock front bumper , with leg fog lights if possible. NYC/CT area
  10. My 3.6 Etorque takes more than 5Q

    So I had this same issue and spoke with my trusted Jeep service manager, and he said in reality its about 5.5 quarts of oil required for the JL to be Full, that's what he's been doing in my 3.6 JL since 2018 and I have 23k miles and no issues.
  11. New York Teraflex Rear trackbar bracket

    Up for sale is a Teraflex Rear trackbar bracket, less than 100 miles on it. Decided to go a different route. $80 OBO , Willing to ship. Located in NYC/Northwestern CT.