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  1. Flat Towing a Diesel JLU - real world experience?

    I tow a 6800+ lbs JK using a Blackhawk all terrain 2 10k with a RVI3, I don't even know its back there.
  2. TOAD Question

    Read this: That said I have no concern with my setup, its a JK thats 6800+ lbs I'm using the shackle tabs on my Expedition One front bumper.
  3. Nevada 5ea Walker Evan Beadlocks 8 lug and 5ea BFG 39x13.5x17 KM3's

    All new 100 street miles on 4ea 1 never ran, balance beads and splined lug nuts, 8x6.5, $4250 B/O B/S is 3.75, 8x6.5 I can ship..
  4. Longer thread wheel studs vs spacers?

    Sorry that's not true.. been putting on wheels and tires on almost every king of vehicle for over 50 years its got no bearing on studs breaking.
  5. Longer thread wheel studs vs spacers?

    You sure the studs were not over torqued?
  6. 2021 Rubicon Diesel on 2" Mopar Lift & 37" KM3's

    Could you measure your belly clearance and height to the bottom og the door edge. Thanks
  7. EcoDiesel ARB Dual compressor mount location/bracket

    Another option...IMO best. If you have the room behind the passenger tail light like the JK's do install the smallest ARB compressor their. Its quite unlike a cabin mounted compressor. Then get a Power Tank.. I can fill my all 4 40's with a Power Tank faster than any on board compressor their...
  8. Diesel Skid plates.

    Late reply sorry..
  9. Nevada 2011 JKU Rubicon Built LS

    2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. 2012 tapshift shifter Cruise control Auto AC Pentastar fan Big Motech radiator Custom Aluminum overflow tank Custom LS kit by JOHN SCHUMACHER OVERLAND PERFORMANCE Fully loaded Rubicon with every option other than leather (hard top, 730N Media Center, power...
  10. Diesel Skid plates.

    Once my Bud got his refund I'll post pictures.
  11. Diesel Skid plates. want a better one have B&W driveline in Auburn Ca build you one. They make DS's for KOH rigs. Much better quality that anything you will get from the std DS manufacturers.
  12. Diesel Skid plates.

    Nope returned it, my bud who owns the JL is deciding on custom AL or a MC
  13. Diesel Skid plates.

    Yes its a nice kit I would just get some custom valved bypass shocks. Bypass shocks custom tuned will ride better than any other shock on or off road.
  14. Diesel Skid plates.

    Nothing wrong with that..we used the RH LAC skids also, very nice product for protecting stock link brackets.
  15. Diesel Skid plates.

    Yes get the suspension you want and then get a skid plate system that doesn't limit droop. Any other choice is a huge compromise. IMO its designed for a street Jeep not one that rock crawls. For the $$$ you could have a off road shop build you a skid plate from steel or Al.
  16. Diesel Skid plates.

    FYI the RockHard Al skids will NOT work with any suspension that actually has droop. Just tried installing on a 2021 JLU Rubicon Diesel using a 3.5' MC lift. The front drive shaft will hit the skid cross member when the suspension is fully drooped. I'm sure it would also happen fully flexed.
  17. On hell of a rig..!

    No kidding....:facepalm:
  18. On hell of a rig..!

    :like: Yep not hanging with that either:LOL: