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  1. Is the JL Wrangler going to be sufficient in a crash?

    Thanks for posting this, very interesting. I hope to see a diagram like this for the JL/JLU. I know the doors are not counted as providing any structural crash support on the JK but it would be good to know the JL is going to be designed with high strength steel around the doors and part of the...
  2. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Aluminum Parts Confirmed by Alcoa

    Good idea also because dent repair is more difficult and more expensive with aluminum than steel.
  3. Verified: LED & Interior/Exterior Lighting Features for 2018 Jeep Wrangler (JL)

    Going to be able to identify the JL from a mile away with the LED halo lights. :rock:
  4. Leaked: 2018 Jeep Wrangler grille

    Slots remind me of the Grand Cherokee. Not sure how I feel about this maybe it's gotta grow on me.
  5. 2018 Wish List

    Please give the JL the same 7" customizable digital display from the Challenger/Charger. Recently got to play with it recently and was impressed by how it looked and functioned. It's time for the blue/green 1980's looking digital readout to go and be replaced with a TFT screen like this...
  6. Jeep Truck just became more important

    For some the extra 160 lb-ft (420 lb-ft of the V6 Ecodiesel) is significantly more and worth the price and hassle. That's a decent more amount of power to help move around a heavy car. But for anyone who doesn't want diesel I predict the updated 3.6 pentastar coming with the JL should be a...
  7. Will Diesel Wrangler be Affected by Jeep and Ram's Alleged Diesel Cheating?

    Was a diesel going to be available immediately at launch later this year? I could be wrong but thought it was gonna be sometime later?
  8. Which JL engine are you most interested in?

    Looks like it's about 400 lbs in each trim. HUGE difference so we're probably looking at most about 400 lbs lighter than the Ram 1500. I'd bet the JL is no lighter than the JK with what's sure to be a more complex roof structure and some more interior comfort features.
  9. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    Well they just introduced the F-150 with new diesel option so I wouldn't be shocked to see the Bronco get the same engine but the Ranger that shares platform with the Bronco will tell us if that happens. If the Ranger comes with a diesel then good bet the Bronco will too.
  10. Which JL engine are you most interested in?

    So the upgraded Pentastar should feature about same horsepowers as the 4 cyl turbo. Besides the turbo I wonder how the two will really be differentiated when it comes to marketing and which one will be priced and positioned higher in the lineup vs the other.
  11. FCA Announcement Confirms Jeep Pickup Truck (JT)

    Any chance for a V8? Or will the engines be exactly the same as the JL? People will gobble up a Jeep Pickup I'm predicting the won't make enough to meet demand like the current Wrangler.
  12. Received 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL hood by mistake

    Fact that this hood bolted onto the OP's JK but is just longer goes to show how close the JL might be to the JK structurally. In some ways I’m relieved that they’re not gonna make the Wrangler a mall crawler and in some ways I’m a little disappointed that not much will change?
  13. JL Wrangler vs New Ford Bronco

    I'm rooting for the Broncos success but I think how much it succeeds or fails depends on how much guts Ford has to truly go after the Wrangler using the same formula with removable top, solid axle and mod ability being most important parts of the formula IMO. If they go after the fattest profit...
  14. New 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL 2.0L Turbo Engine (Hurricane) FIRST spy photos!

    Image wise a 4 cylinder might be a tough sell to the Wrangler crowd but technically speaking fact is that turbo-charged I-4 engines these days are trouncing NA V6 engines in low end torque, mid range power, fuel efficiency, the whole nine yards. And though nobody buys a Wrangler for top end...