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  1. Diesel Exhaust Trail Damage

    $2,499.99 !!! no thanks, Rather throw that at 1 tons with 40's
  2. What kind of off-roading can I do in a stock JLU Sahara?

    Tried, did, and proven,your wrong! You are just fearful, You might as well leave your spare at home while wheeling on the trail it doesn't sound like that is a option for you. Pop a bead isn't the end of the world. Only if you fear. Which you clearly exhibit.
  3. What kind of off-roading can I do in a stock JLU Sahara?

    And if you read my 2nd response I said "merely as an example" I know he was on sand. It was an example showing you can air way down on stock rims and tires and not pop a bead. Wasn't saying 5-8 PSI for all the trails. And if you pay attention to the video rather than quick to critique. You...
  4. What kind of off-roading can I do in a stock JLU Sahara?

    Criticism taken, Mind you I was sitting in the cab of my work truck on my lunch break. Wrote that on my smartphone without my glasses. Just trying to help a guy out. Add a year experience with the same situation you come back criticize my writing and then 2nd guess my PSI suggestion. And I...
  5. What kind of off-roading can I do in a stock JLU Sahara?

    Finances were tight when I was forced to do a lease on a stock JLU, with all season tires. Regardless of what kind of tire it is, to get the best performance you must always air down to 12 to 15 PSI disconnect your swaybar links.This will increase comfort, ride, and off roading ability by at...
  6. Max tire size on the JLUD with stock suspension?

    JLUAD Before my lift I ran 35 on my 18 inch stock wheels with very little rubbing for 1 year. Would rub the track bars only in full turn, you learn to adjust for it.. The only other time the 35 wou rub would be on trail. Never on the front fenders but on the rear fenders. Modified the inner...
  7. 3.0 vs 3.6 MPG towing

    Those numbers are more of a real world scenario for my 3.0 Read a few posts, guys are towing a trailer and claiming numbers much lower, I'm not sure how they're achieving that but it might be the ambient temperature. Most of my Highway is similar climate, Desert California Heat. The Honey Cone...
  8. Regear for Ecodiesel - What Ratio

    JLUAD Hard top, plastic bumpers Stock wheels 18" with 35's M/T 32-36 psi build in progress, Mopar reinforced tailgate, spare tire carrier. Banks idash and pedal monster. Metalcloak 3.5" true dual rate lift kit. Run Hot Shots everyday diesel treatment. (every 3rd fill up) use Blue Def Platinum...
  9. DEF Usage

    Less DEF during regen Cycles, thank you for the correction
  10. DEF Usage

    Keep it in a cool place I hear it breaks down easily. My buddy bought budget def at the local Wally World for his Ford HD diesel said he noticed a huge consumption difference. I have great luck with the Blue Def Platinum backed up with Hot Shots fuel treatment added every third fill up. In my...
  11. Does Your Dealer Top Off your DEF?

    They don't top off the DEF. The most extra free service I get upon request is a 5 tire rotation imo the Blue DEF "Platinum" formula is superior to the Mopar DEF and it's by far cheaper at your local Lowe's.
  12. 3.0 vs 3.6 MPG towing

    I agree I hooked up a 2000 lb trailer on relatively flat ground and Highways and my great MPG in my 3.0 dipped to the low teens. I hear some are getting low twenties with almost a third more weight. I only have 35 on a stock setup even if I had 33s I can't imagine I could get into the low 20s...
  13. Oil leaks (not complaining)

    Sounds like you're not too far away, my Jeep service shop. Pat the mgr will take care of you guaranteed. Crystal Chrysler Jeep. I could help you out give you a lift home and pick you up when it's ready.
  14. Full MSRP on new orders?

    Just completed and purchased fully custom order new 2021 JLURD. Very easy with no hassle one of the best least expensive way to buy your Wrangler. Will be the only way I buy my Wranglers in the future. Join the Tread Lightly Foundation buy into the hundred dollar membership and get no hassle 1%...
  15. Best Battery

    Having lived in this extreme desert heat for many many years all my past vehicles (non diesel) car and truck batteries including numerous work truck batteries never seem last longer than 3 years. I would gladly pay more for the battery you are speaking of if I could expect to get a longer life...
  16. JLUR-D Maintenance

    Not sure why you are on this post if the only thing you bring to the table is about your F-250. FIX OR REPAIR DAILY. Happy you were able to take all your crap off and have zero issues and zero emission test issues. I would say 95% of the EcoDiesel owners here are still under warranty it would be...
  17. JLUR-D Maintenance

    Use (Blue DEF Platinum) pick it up at Lowe's cheapest price, just as you avoid cheap gas, avoid cheap DEF fluid. I've never had an issue and I buy my gas at the truck stops where the gas is constantly being turned over and fresh you can't fit the large nozzle from the big rigs pumps in the gas...
  18. Best Battery

    Fits 2018-2021 Jeep Wrangler JL with the 3.6L AND the 2.0L engines. Does NOT fit with the diesel engine
  19. Best Battery

    Good to know, thank you